Escape to the Chateaus Angel Adoree fights tears recalling wedding

Escape to the Chateau: Angel 'tearful' as she hosts wedding

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Escape to the Chateau on Channel 4 returned last week after Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree had been away for two years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it meant their wedding business was put out as many were pushing back their wedding dates. However, as the pandemic restrictions lifted, Angel and Dick were back in business getting their French Chateau ready for their wedding party. Whilst prepping for Natasha and Victoria’s big day, Angel became emotional and over-excited about the first wedding back after two years.

Excited about the days ahead and hosting their first wedding, Angel joined Dick with a large folder, perfectly organised.

As she sat down, Dick asked if she was excited to be back in business and Angel beamed back.

Wanting to get into the nitty-gritty, Angel began to reel off the number of wedding guests they were expecting and the tasks that still needed to be done.

As she looked at the plans, she began to get emotional, reminiscing on their own wedding day eight years ago.

She expressed: “I am happy, I feel like I am getting on top of things as well. It has been a bit foggy! I have been a bit out of practice but I have everything now.

“58 people for the first wedding. They are arriving Friday late afternoon. Saturday there are seven bridesmaids and then everybody else at 11:30.

“They are getting ready in the honeymoon suite and botanical suite and they are not going to see each other until they meet on the stairs!

“Oh God, I feel quite tearful thinking about it! I just think it does feel like it is the first wedding, it feels like our wedding,” she giggled.

Wiping away the tears and getting on with the day, she headed down to the Orangery to sort out the cutlery and tea sets for the breakfast on the morning of the wedding.

She also decided she would create personalised napkins which would sit underneath the tea cups as she felt they created “niche” memories.

Preparing some dried nuts and ice cream for the wedding day, Dick took the moment to bond with his son.

However, it didn’t quite go to plan when Dick was left red-faced by Arthur’s quick wit. 

Taking a break from their stressful days ahead and taking a moment to reflect on their hard work, Dick and Angel sat with a cold drink, watching Arthur and Dorothy jet-wash the drive.

Things turned upside down for Dick once again though when Arthur turned the jet wash onto him and sprayed him down, leaving Angel in floods of tears laughing.

Fortunately, the first wedding back at the Chateau went off with a bang as Angel played the perfect host, making sure both brides had everything they needed.

Dick also stunned the guests with his beautiful ceremony and delicious food as he turned from priest to chef.

As the wedding drew to a close, Angel reflected on the day and explained she felt happy Dick was finally able to be where he shines again.

She explained Dick didn’t want to do another wedding until he knew that people could hug, dance and not have to worry about restrictions.

The newlyweds waved off their wedding party as they stayed behind to spend the night in the Chateau, along with Dick and Angel who finally have their business booming again.

Escape to the Chateau airs Sunday, from 8pm on Channel 4.

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