Emmerdales Cain Dingle betrayed as Mackenzie plots to steal farm

Emmerdale: Amy and Moira decide to hide the truth

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On Monday, Moira Barton (played by Natalie J Robb) stunned Emmerdale viewers by announcing her departure from the soap with son Isaac Dingle (Bobby Dunsmuir) to follow Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) to Belfast. However, fans have worked out a huge problem that Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) may be left to face because of her sudden exit. 

In recent scenes, Emmerdale fans watched as Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) urged Cain to tell the police the truth about Al Chapman’s (Michael Wildman) death.

He refused and Mackenzie was later left devastated when he realised his sister was planning on leaving the village. 

Moira admitted she didn’t feel she could trust herself in the village with the burden of keeping the truth about the murder secret. 

Many fans pointed out a plot hole in Moira’s decision as she and Cain run a farm.

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@Woldslinx tweeted: “Who’s actually looking after the farm now Moira gone & Cain’s in jail? #emmerdale.”

@Pilch1972 wrote: “Moria is so lucky… she has a farm animals that feed themselves and slaughter themselves and deliver to customers…. All without any help from anyone else… Moria May as well stay away…#emmerdale.” (sic)

“So Moria leaving, so who is going to run the farm business? Another script writer fail #emmerdale,” @Heathfield0609 questioned. 

@jan_fifi asked: “#emmerdale Who’s looking after the farm and the animals while Moira is away.”

@Dbella91 echoed: “So if Moria is gonna run off, who’s gonna look after the so called farm? #Emmerdale.”

However, one Emmerdale fan pointed out Moira’s absence could provide an opportunity for one ruthless relative. 

@Chris1968E suggested: “#Emmerdale yea Mackenzie u tell Cain it’s all gonna be ok then flog the lot from under him.” (sic)

Could Mackenzie be pretending to support Cain while secretly plotting against him?

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Earlier in the week, Mackenzie was distressed at the thought of his sister leaving. 

If he believes Moira has said goodbye to the village for good he may reason the only thing left for him is to try and make as much money as he can. 

On Monday, Moira admitted she was “tempted” not to return to the Dales. 

Mackenzie tried to reason with her but she explained her priority was reuniting Kyle and Isaac.

However, Emmerdale fans can be reassured this isn’t the last they’ve seen of the beloved character. 

She said: “Moira is not coping very well at all at the moment. She’s trying her best to, but everything is a bit of a shock. Her family is being threatened again and she’s really worried about it.

“Moira leaving comes about when she finds out that Amy has left for Belfast with Kyle. It’s all too much for Moira at that point and she just loses the plot for a bit.

“Moira feels the best thing to do is get away from the scenario and all the circumstances surrounding it, so nobody says anything they shouldn’t say,” she told Digital Spy. 

Emmerdale airs on ITV on weekdays at 7.30pm.

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