Emmerdale star confirms new contract but clarifies how long they intend to stay

Suffice to say Emmerdale fans have fallen in love with Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) ever since her arrival last year and its good news for us all, as the actress has confirmed we’ll be seeing more of Mary for at least the next 12 months.

Mum to Rhona (Zoe Henry), Mary made her way to the village and initially came across as someone blunt and not afraid to say what was on her mind – which landed her in a bit of trouble on some occasions!

After Marlon (Mark Charnock) suffered his life-changing stroke, the role Mary played in the family began to change.

Mary helped out with Marlon’s care, looked after the children and ultimately showed an incredibly caring side to her, which made us love her even more.

As 2022 continued, Mary’s past was explored. She befriended Kim (Claire King) and bravely came out to her, revealing that she was never in a position where she could comfortably come out when she was younger, so married Rhona’s dad and lived in a world hiding her true self.

Now comfortably settled into life in the Dales, Mary’s life will no doubt be looked at in greater detail throughout 2023, now Louise has signed a new contract.

‘I’ve just signed for another year, so I’m definitely there until January 2024’, she told The Sun.

‘In my head I’m thinking maybe a couple of years after that, maybe a three or four year stint. But there are people here who have been here 25 years going, “yeah, I said that at the beginning.” But who knows? They’re such a lovely bunch.’

A lovely bunch indeed, and we’re thrilled Mary Goskirk won’t be leaving the village anytime soon.

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