Emmerdale spoilers tease Chas in danger with Chloe as affair finally exposed

Chas Dingle has been sailing close to the wind as she tries her best to conceal the truth regarding her previous affair with businessman Al Chapman.

Although most people in the village are non the wiser, Chloe Harris prepares to expose the truth next week in Emmerdale.

During the week, Chloe mistakenly accuses Priya Sharma of having an affair with Al.

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Meanwhile, in a prison visitor's room, Cain Dingle is furious to see Chas waiting for him and when she begins sharing her thoughts on Al and how she misses him, Cain tells her he wants nothing to do with her, given the circumstances.

Later on in the week, Rishi Sharma rushes back inside the café after dropping his granddaughter Amba’s hot chocolate, leaving happy Amba alone with her new mittens.

But seeing her all alone, Chloe decides to take her back to Keepers.

When Rishi returns to the café and realises Amba is missing, he begins to panic.

But later, Priya is furious to find Amba was with a defiant Chloe and proceeds to warn Chloe off.

The following day Chloe comes by determined to find out the truth about Al, while Priya is on a mission to prove her innocence by cross-checking Al's bank statements.

Priya is empathetic towards Chloe's stance as she agrees it does look like he was playing away from home and Chloe realises that she might know who the woman could be.

Meanwhile over at the Woolpack, as the door slams open manic Chloe appears revealing she definitely know who Al was seeing.

Chas instantly goes pale as she tried to hide her utter panic.


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