Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Joe Tate return twist as he’ll ‘take over Woolpack’

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Emmerdale fans turned super sleuths on Wednesday evening, as they’re pretty sure they’ve figured out who could be the solution to all the Woolpack’s problems.

And they’re pretty sure that person could be Joe Tate – who was last seen on-screen being left for dead by Graham Foster.

However, it was later revealed Joe was safe and sound, living abroad using money from Kim Tate’s business.

It came as Marlon Dingle set up a barbecue outside to try and draw punters back to the pub, which had run out of alcohol for the event and instead was forced to consider Charity’s knock-off spirits for the festivities.

The pub has been struggling financially for months, since Marlon bought into the business.

And with Marlon falling into mounting debt, it looks like it might only be a matter of time until the Woolpack folds entirely with the state it's in.

To make matters worse, Matty soon succumbed to an injury after burning his hands on the barbecue – and the event soon descended into chaos.

Bernice quipped: "This place could be a gold mine if it was run properly."

And though some suspected Bernice could be the new landlady, others had a rather different character in mind – Joe Tate.

One fan guessed on Facebook: "Perhaps Joe is the buyer of the Woolpack?!"

More still were begging for a resolution to the Tate's storyline, with one posting: "Wish Joe would come back and take over from the Tates and find out who killed Graham!"

"I wish Joe would come back as when he was dumped into the boot of the car his hand twitched so he wasn't dead!" someone else chimed in.

As a fourth fan wrote: "Joe, one of my favourite characters. Would really like to see him back. I wonder…"

However, more still were sure that ex-landlady Bernice could be the one taking the reins, though she hinted to Al that she was thankful she'd headed into pastures new with the salon.

"If Bernice took over the Woolpack again, I'd be absolutely here for it…" one fan wrote.

Another, however, questioned whether Al trying to get the pub's value out of Bernice could be a hint, penning: "#Emmerdale is Al thinking of buying the Woolpack so he can buy it cheap? He does have that I'm thinking of a dirty trick look on his face!"

And someone else simply insisted: "Marlon needs to hand the keys back to Charity who should take over the Woolpack again. Marlon clearly cannot handle the job."

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7pm on ITV.

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