EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Slater sentenced to a year in prison as daughter Lily spirals out of control

STACEY Slater is sentenced to a year in prison as her daughter Lily heads on a downward spiral next week in EastEnders. 

Stacey – who is played by Lacey Turner in the BBC One soap – was wrongly accused of shoving Ruby Allen down the stairs and causing her miscarriage.

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Viewers have watched Stacey’s mum Jean do her best to persuade Ruby to drop the charges against her former best friend. 

But next week, Jean gets the call she’s been dreading and is shocked by the news that Stacey has been sentenced to a year in prison. 

Meanwhile, Lily doesn’t take the news about Stacey well. 

When Ruby spots something on her phone, she rushes home to find Lily and Hope cutting up her late mother’s wedding dress. 

Seething, Ruby makes clear she wants Lily out of her house.

Martin finds himself caught in the middle of Ruby and Lily’s showdown. 

Ruby explains that her MRI results have come back, and Lily offers her an apology but makes it clear their fight isn’t over.

Speaking about the reasons behind Ruby's web of lies, actress Louisa recently told The Sun and other media: “Ruby has always been desperate to be loved. She’s been very lonely from a young age so i think she makes very irrational decisions and is quite selfish because she hasn’t really had anyone else around her to teach her morally and things like that.”

Louisa continued: “It’s really sad. She makes terrible decisions and she’s almost not a very nice person but it’s really sad when you think about where it’s come from and what she’s been through.”

Speaking about whether Ruby doubts Martin’s love, Louisa said: “I think Ruby has always known deep down that Martin will always love Stacey. They will always be the couple.

“As desperate as she is for him to love her I think there’s loads of insecurities around Stacey and there forever will be.”

Stacey's sentence will pave the way for actress Lacey Turner's exit from the soap.

The star announced last year she was pregnant with her second child and would be taking maternity leave.

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