EastEnders spoilers: Death shock, Aaron attacks, Tiffany's pain

There are big revelations in EastEnders as a betrayal rocks Kim Fox-Hubbard (Tameka Empson) while Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) has a bombshell for Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith).

Kim is delighted to find out that Pearl has had her private school fees paid – unyil she discovers that Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is involved.

Meanwhile, after Keegan demands a divorce from Tiffany, she gets an unpleasant surprise from Aaron Munroe (Charlie Wernham).

EastEnders spoilers this week

Nancy and Peter ask Stuart and Rainie to take part in a transformation programme at the gym. However, Peter later makes a petty move by blocking Stuart’s involvement, pretending to offer the last spot elsewhere. Rainie realises Peter is lying and demands that he reconsiders.

Mick’s efforts to help Janine with Scarlett don’t go according to plan.

Aaron slips vodka into Harvey’s beer ahead of his dad’s date with Jean.

Sharon eyes up Ruby’s house, but Zack fears that she might be jumping the gun.

Sharon takes a big step, but things fall through when Zack gets involved.

Tiffany and Aaron spot Keegan on a date with Anna at The Vic. This creates an awkward atmosphere, so Anna leaves when she realises that Keegan isn’t over Tiffany.

Keegan later accepts some advice from Mick, and soon tells Tiffany that he wants a divorce.

Suki has finally bought the building for Ash to have her own GP surgery. Later, Eve collapses at the Minute Mart and blames a previous back injury. She convinces Ash to prescribe her some strong painkillers. Ash is smitten with Eve, but her kindness backfires when she realises that her new acquaintance now has the upper hand.

Kheerat catches a thief in the office and tackles them to the ground.

Lexi is upset when she learns that the school nativity has been cancelled.

Stuart gets some unexpected news, while Zack desperately tries to fix his mistake.

Denise offers to make a donation to Pearl’s private school fund with some money from the salon, but Kim refuses to touch Phil’s money.

Stuart panics when Peter tells him to take his top off for the gym photoshoot.

Phil steps up for Sharon.

Keegan arranges a second date with Anna and hopes that it will go better than the first one did.

Later on, Aaron complains about the so-called “woke brigade” cancelling the school nativity. In reality, the nativity has been cancelled to help the children catch up with work they missed during COVID.

Keegan overhears the conversation and warns Tiffany not to listen to Aaron’s false claims. However, Tiffany shares a petition on her social media page and things soon go downhill.

Ash explains to Kheerat that the Slaters have tricked her. Kheerat is forced to hand over money to the family, but Eve refuses to tell Jean and Stacey how she brought this about. When Kheerat tells Stacey what Eve did, she feels hurt.

When Pearl is offered a scholarship, Jack realises that Denise is behind it. He promises not to tell Kim.

Later, Kim sees Howie again and pleads with him to talk to the police. Howie explains that he was threatened not to talk. When Howie gives a description of the man responsible, Kim realises it was Phil.

Suki tries to find out why there’s a strained atmosphere between her children.

Waseem disapproves of The Albert being used for the fundraising event.

The Taylors are devastated, and Karen makes it clear who’s to blame.

Aaron apologises to Tiffany and she agrees to go for lunch with him. Tiffany also signs her divorce papers.

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