EastEnders fans predict shock new age-gap relationship will rock Walford | The Sun

HARVEY Monroe and Rocky Cotton have formed a friendly bond over the months after first settling into the Square.

However, one EastEnders fan suggested the cabbie played by Ross Boatman may have an interest in his friend's daughter, Dotty.

The theory was shared on a Digital Spy forum by a BBC One viewer, following last night's trip to Walford.

"I know there’s a huge age gap but I can see it being a type of story that the soap would want to cover in today's day", they penned, asking for fan opinions.

Surprisingly, many viewers agreed with the original poster.

"There is that vibe about it. I'd prefer they didn't pursue it", a fellow soap fan wrote while another commented: "Would be weird and interesting."

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Another added: "It would definitely be interesting but I wouldn't say it's that weird. They're both consenting adults. Sometimes big age gaps work and sometimes they don't."

According to this viewer, Dotty – played by Milly Zero – could even learn and grow from a relationship with Harvey.

"I think if Dotty and Harvey did get together one of two things would happen; either she would eventually cheat on him and break his heart, or they would enjoy the connection they have and we would see a softer, more mature side to Dotty."

"Maybe she's looking for the father figure she's never really had", they concluded.

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"A modern day Terry and Janine", one fan quipped.

But how would Rocky (played by Brian Conley) feel about his friend embarking on a shock romance with his daughter?

In recent months, Harvey has been trying to move on from his failed relationship and engagement with Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).

The cleaner proposed to Harvey amid a manic episode triggered by her bipolar disorder.

Their wedding ceremony never occurred – instead, Jean left for Southend alone and almost drowned before being saved by her daughter Stacey.


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She was then hospitalised, dreading to go back to Walford due to her past erratic behaviour.

Since returning to the Square, she has avoided Harvey, leaving him to move on – but she may still harbour feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Dotty's love life has been just as chaotic.

The character was romantically involved with Vinny Panesar until she strayed and slept with Finlay Baker.

Heartbroken, Vinny Panesar threw her out of his home, where she had been staying, leaving her to stay with Rocky.

Could she bounce back with Harvey?

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What would Jean and Rocky do?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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