EastEnders fans conved Chelsea will expose Gray as she forgives him over job lie

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EastEnders fans seem to believe that Chelsea Fox may be onto Gray Atkins and will be the one to possibly bring him to his downfall, as they spot a major clue in the latest episode.

During the last few weeks, murderer Gray had been pretending to Chelsea and others that he still worked for his law company in the city.

However as viewers were aware, this was not the case as he had lost his job weeks ago and is currently working in a greasy burger joint.

On Tuesday night's episode, after being told by Whitney Dean that something wasn't right Chelsea decided to confront the serial murderer.

But to viewers' surprise, Gray came clean and confessed that he had lost his job.

However, due to Chelsea's mild reaction, many believed that she's playing a game with Gray and she will soon bring the murderer down.

Taking to Twitter, one fan commented: "Chelsea reaction tells me she is playing Grey because someone's who all about the money would not have be so rational."

Another said: "Chelsea is a match to Gray. She will be the one to take him down. Whitney may help but she will be the one to do it."

A third spectator wrote: "Hmmm. Chelsea took this Gray job news – too – well. Maybe this is a Long Con after all.."

"There's no way Chelsea would be ok about all her opportunity for money vanishing!!" A fourth exclaimed.

Chelsea, who is currently pregnant with Gray's baby and is also engaged, reassured her husband-to-be that flipping burgers wasn't too bad.

She also mentioned that she was happy that he still tried to find work to provide for his family.

Speaking frankly she said: "Flipping burgers is a lot better living than some of the jobs I've had to do over the years, believe me."

Later on in the episode, Gray couldn't believe his luck and went directly to Whitney to inform her to keep out of his business.

Rushing to Twitter once again, viewers shared their thoughts and warned Whitney to be careful.

"Please be careful Whitney," one fan penned.

Meanwhile another said: "Be careful of that f******g dishwasher and the tube station with no CCTV Whitney!!!!!!!!!"

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