Eamonn Holmes asks ‘how much’ for photos of his ‘moobs’ as Ruth Langsford laughs

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Eamonn Holmes suggested he might open an OnlyFans account after a This Morning guest revealed she was earning $130,000 (£94,000) each month selling racy content on the subscription-based site.

He and Ruth Langsford spoke to former police officer Charlotte Rose on Tuesday's episode of the show, and it seems Eamonn is considering a career change – if the price is right.

The ITV favourite asked the beauty if there was a market for someone like him, and she told him: "There's a market for everyone."

After the segment, the 61-year-old turned to his wife and asked: "How much should I charge?"

Ruth, also 61, asked: "What're you gonna show us? How far will you go?"

Eamonn quipped: "Are moobs acceptable?"

Moments later, hysterical laughter could be heard roaring around the This Morning studio, as Ruth giggled away to herself too.

Earlier in the segment, Ruth had quizzed Charlotte about the type of content she puts out on her page.

"There's a paywall," she started, "they can pay to be a fan on my page – a one time fee – then I do optional extras, like videos every few days, that are a bit less Instagram friendly, but still much more tame than what most girls do."

The model insisted that she would not be ashamed of people seeing her content if it got leaked, as it was nothing too X-rated.

She explained: "I go down the role-play route. I feel I have to work harder with that side, because I'm acting, whereas more girls don't do the role-play, it's more what you'd get elsewhere on other websites, without saying so much."

The stunner, who charges around £7-a- month for access to her OnlyFans, which is called "Ex British Cop, said: "When I was modelling, I had very strict morals that I wasn't going to cross a boundary for the level of content I was willing to go up to, I made sure to never cross that line to put out content.

"I'm not ashamed of people seeing, but if it got leaked I wouldn't have to defend myself."

The beauty's profile picture on the website appears to show her completely nude with emojis covering her privates.

Speaking of her fortune, Charlotte said: "I have to pinch myself, it feels a bit like Monopoly money because it goes straight into your bank account."

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