Don’t Freak Out, but There’s a Mouse in an Episode of The Crown Season 4

We thought we knew what we were getting with the new season of The Crown, a series that is, after all, inspired by true events. We were ready to revisit Charles and Diana’s whirlwind romance-turned-crumbling marriage, and we were bracing ourselves for Gillian Anderson’s take on Margaret Thatcher—but we certainly were not prepared for a loose rodent to make a cameo in Buckingham Palace.

After Season 4 debuted on Sunday, viewers noticed a little something dash across the floor of one of the palace sitting rooms in an early episode. It turns out, that little something was a mouse. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but if you know when to look, and look closely, you’ll see a tiny figure with a tail and legs. Lovely.

It’s an otherwise dark and quiet moment, featuring the Queen Mother, played by Marion Bailey, sitting in the background, but thanks to this surprising special guest, the scene is getting a lot of buzz.

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