David Jason doubts hed ever reunite with Only Fools and Horses cast

Only Fools and Horses: David Jason talks chandelier scene

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Only Fools and Horses kept the nation laughing for over two decades as creator John Sullivan entertained viewers with the mishaps of two Peckham siblings. Del Boy and Rodney Trotter (played by Nicholas Lyndhurst) were on a mission to become rich by buying and selling almost anything but it often went very wrong. Despite it being dubbed as a classic show, actor David wouldn’t reunite with his former cast.

The popular BBC comedy came to an end in 2003 as the nation said goodbye to the cheeky Trotter brothers Rodney and Del Boy.

Running for seven series, Only Fools fans fell in love with the two siblings along with other characters in the show such as Boycie, Grandad, Marlene, Raquel and Cassandra.

It all comes down to creator John who wrote the script based on his real-life experiences, however, he sadly died in 2011.

Despite the show still being popular 19 years later, actor David has revealed he won’t be reprising his role as Del Boy anytime soon.

When asked if he’d reunite with the cast one last time, the actor told The Sun: “Don’t tempt me, Satan, get back downstairs where you belong!

“I don’t think so. Basically, the only person I would trust with the script would have been John and because he’s no longer with us, I don’t think anyone comes up to his standard.”

Throughout David’s fourth memoir, The Twelve Dels Of Christmas, he spoke highly of John as he showed gratitude to the creator for changing his life with the sitcom.

He commented that when he initially read the script, David told his agent the show was going to be special.

David added: “I honestly felt that it was so rich in its ability in storytelling and entertainment and it was different from anything I had seen before.

“I went to the interview with Nick and Lennard and crossed my fingers that I would get it.”

The actor shared he had no idea the series would take off in the way that it did as he called it a surprise to all involved.

Although Del Boy became a household name for his cheeky chappy demeanour, there was one episode where that wasn’t the case.

In a 1986 Christmas special called A Royal Flush, the Trotter brother was made to look like a bully as he tried to teach Rodney how to mix with high society.

Despite trying to help his younger sibling with the dos and don’ts of the upper-class world, it all backfires as Del came across as rude and mean, which was emphasised more due to the lack of audience laughter.

John admitted he hated the episode, which ended up being banned for 20 years, as he claimed certain scenes made Del Boy look completely out of character.

The creator decided the Christmas special would never be repeated, which was the case until it underwent major editing and was released on DVD in 2005.

In the Channel 5 documentary Secrets of Only Fools and Horses, editor Chris Wadsworth touched on the banned episode.

He said: “It’s quite a cruel dark episode. John said, ‘This is not a good episode’ Some 20 years later he said, ‘Can we do anything to take out Del being nasty?”

“The episode was shown to an audience to get a laughter track but I don’t think we succeeded completely.”

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