David Beckham makes two hour round trip to pick up fish and chips for whole family in lockdown – The Sun

DAVID Beckham is certainly dedicated when it comes to takeaways, as he recently made a two hour round trip in order to get his family some tasty fish and chips.

David, 45, and his wife Victoria are currently isolating at their home in the Cotswolds during the lockdown, but it seems their favourite chippy isn't just around the corner.

Instead, the Beckham clan prefer to get their cod and chips from Off The Hook in Witney, Oxfordshire.

And it seems David doesn't mind driving all the way from their countryside home near Great Tew in order to get the dinner in.

The fish, chip, and pizza restaurant were so delighted with their VIP customer, that they even asked him for a photo – which they later posted on their Instagram page.

David can be seen grinning in the snap as stands next to one of restaurants employees and waits for his food.

Off The Hook captioned the post: "We have the best customers at OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!" but it's unsure whether or not they gave Becks a discount.

Either way, the feast probably didn't put too much of a dent in David's wallet as a large portion of chips cost £3.50 while a large piece of cod is £7.50 – according to their website.

But perhaps it was Victoria, 46, who treated the family to their weekend takeaway and it was recently revealed that she pocketed £1 million for not singing on the Spice Girls reunion tour last year.

Posh made nearly £1million in cash-making ventures on the back of the 13 UK comeback gigs she snubbed — much more than the £700,000 she paid herself from her clothes label.

She was entitled to a fifth of the take of the endorsements, licensing deals and merchandising generated by the gigs despite ­leaving Mel C, 46, Geri Horner, 47, Emma Bunton, 44, and Mel C, 46, to do them without her.

New accounts show Spice Girls Limited made £4.5million last year — assets for the previous year were just £124,000 — after renewed interest in Girl Power generated by the concerts.

The five women are the only active members and directors of the firm, according to Companies House records.

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