Corrie spoilers: Gail Platt reignites her feud with Eileen by hitting on George after discovering he is her cousin

GAIL Platt reignites her feud with Eileen Grimshaw next week in Coronation Street by hitting on George Shuttleworth after discovering he is her cousin.

Undertaker George has already been flirting with Mary and Eileen since his arrival in October 2020, when he staged a fake funeral for Eileen’s son Todd.

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But it’s Gail who captures his attention next week when she discovers she shares a set of great grandparents with George. 

Viewers will see Gail Platt retrieve a box of family photos from the factory and find a picture of a lady called Fanny.

Gail looks on a genealogy website, desperate to discover who the woman was. 

Later, she tells Nick she’s traced Fanny from the photo and that it turns out she’s her great grandmother. 

Gail adds that she’s agreed to meet up with someone going by the name of Top Hat who claims Fanny is their great grandmother as well. 

Later, viewers will see Gail join Audrey in the Rovers, who’s having a drink with Archie’s son George, only to discover that Top Hat is none other than George.

Gail and George are delighted to realise they share a set of great grandparents, Fanny and Augustus Page. 

Mary and Eileen call at the pub, and are upset to see George focused on Gail. 

When a showdown erupts between the three women of Weatherfield, George worries what he’s got himself into. 

Corrie viewers know that Gail and Eileen have been at each other’s throats many times over the years over the men in their life. 

Both women competed for chiropodist Phil Nail in 2005.

Gail then wrongly assumed Eileen had the hots for former convict Michael Rodwell in 2015 after the pair shared a kiss behind her back -and threw shampoo bottles at Eileen during a heated showdown.

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