Coronation Street’s Yasmeen Nazir left devastated as she discovers Geoff has left her financially ruined

CORONATION Street's Yasmeen Nazir is left devastated to find out that her evil husband Geoff has left her financially ruined.

The restaurant owner – played by Shelley King in the popular ITV soap – finally got to see the back of the abusive monster last month when he fell off a roof whilst trying to attack her.

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Over the past year, fans of the show have been following the gripping domestic abuse storyline play out between the pair, which saw Yasmeen get sent to prison for stabbing him with a bottle in self-defence.

Last month she was finally let out after her family collected enough evidence to prove how evil he was.

This left him angry and attacked her again, but this time it didn't go to plan and now Yasmeen is coming to terms with the aftermath of his death.

Now Yasmeen, who co-owned Speed Dahl with her husband, is not only getting flashbacks of her evil husband, but she is struggling to cope with the financial side of things in her life too.

Soap boss Iain recently opened up to The Sun Online about what the future has in store for Yasmeen and said: "We were very keen to reflect the real world experiences that people like Yasmeen go through. 

“Alya told her gran that it was over, but actually, it's not. The psychological impact of abusive relationships can last forever. 

"There's also the practical side of what happened to Yasmeen. We know that Geoff was embezzling money from Yasmeen and taking out loans in her name, without her knowledge. 

“A lot of that will come home to roost for Yasmeen, in a way that threatens to destabilise her recovery from what she's been through.

"So there'll be some light stuff for Yasmeen to play, but overall it's going to be a heartbreaking next chapter for her."

Despite the death of her husband marking the end of her abuse, Yasmeen is still having a hard time with it all as she's now being haunted by his ghost.

Viewers will know that the former librarian had an awful Christmas Day as she kept having visions of him being inside her home.

Yasmeen has a long road to recovery as she now has to not only deal with the financial devastation that Geoff has left her in, but she also has to come to terms with how she feels about everything that has happened to her too.


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