Coronation Street: When is Will Mellor joining and who will he play?

CORONATION Street has announced Will Mellor will be arriving in Weatherfield next month in a new ‘out-and-out baddie’ role.

The former Hollyoaks actor's arrival comes as Simon Barlow finds himself trapped in a dangerous world of drugs and despair. Here’s the lowdown…

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When is Will Mellor joining Coronation Street?

Corrie bosses have confirmed that Harvey is set to appear on screen in March.

Speaking about his new role, Will said: "I’m honoured to be asked to come into Coronation Street, it’s such an iconic show and has been a huge part of my family life.

"When I started acting 32 years ago it was my mum’s dream for me to be in Corrie so I’m happy to finally be able to make it come true.

"It’s a Manchester institution and as a Manchester actor this is definitely a box ticked."

He added: "Harvey is the first out-and-out baddie I’ve ever played.

"It’s a very different type of role for me so I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into the character and making some waves."

Corrie producer Iain MacLeod added: “I am so excited to welcome Will into our world. He is a fantastic actor who has thrown himself heart and soul into making his character as terrifyingly real as possible.

"He will have a massive impact on our characters’ lives, from the moment he swaggers menacingly onto the screen."

What character will actor Will play in Corrie?

Coronation Street bosses have confirmed that the former Hollyoaks actor will portray drugs lord Harvey in the ITV soap.

Viewers know that Leanne Battersby’s son, Simon, has been drawn into the world of drug dealing by his mate Jacob from the chippy. 

But now bosses have revealed that villainous Harvey will make a dramatic entrance when Simon tries to pull out of his deal with Jacob.

Corrie boss Ian MacLeod recently revealed that Leanne – who’s still grieving following the death of her son Oliver from an incurable form of mitochondrial disease – will be forced to defend Simon as he’s dragged into Harvey's dangerous world.

Speaking about the storyline, Ian said: "What we're trying to do with Simon and Leanne is find a way to play their grief that doesn't feel like grief stories that we've done and other shows might have done. 

“We've come up with something that starts quite small, but ends up turning into this colossal, thriller-ish, high-octane piece that will play out in the first six months of 2021. 

"It ends up with Simon being driven by grief and getting himself into an inescapable situation. 

“That forces Leanne to put her war paint on and go out in defence of her remaining son. She takes on an incredibly dangerous situation in order to protect Simon.

"That ends up drawing in Nick and Sam – and it collides with Peter and Carla's love story too. It is a grief story, but it's far removed from being one woman sitting alone in a room and feeling sad."

Who did Will Mellor play in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks fans will remember that Will previously played Jambo Bolton in the Channel 4 soap yet ruled out a return to the show that made him famous last year. 

Last year, he devastated fans when he revealed he would not return to Hollyoaks during a chat on Lorraine.

"Hollyoaks started my career, so how could I not be a fan?" he revealed.

"I have a lot to thank Hollyoaks for where I am now and the shows I've done."

He added: "There's an anniversary coming, sadly I won't be returning, but I have a lot to thank that show for.

"Happy anniversary, Hollyoaks, for when it comes around."

How old is Will Mellor?

Will Mellor was born on 3 April, 1976, which makes him 44 years old.

Will joined Hollyoaks in 1995 and played Jambo Bolton until 1998.

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