Coronation Street star teases ‘fiery’ clash with Jenny Connor

Corrie's Amy Robbins teases 'fiery' battle with Jenny Connor

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On Monday evening, Coronation Street viewers got to see a glimpse into Daisy Midgeley’s (played by Charlotte Jordan) past when her estranged mother Christina (played by Amy Robbins) made a surprise arrival. However, the newest cast member hinted there’s trouble ahead as she tries to compete with Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) for Daisy’s attention.

Over the past few weeks, Coronation Street fans have seen Daisy continue to be stalked by an anonymous person online as she receives copious amounts of flowers.

Things started to escalate when the bride-to-be was then getting phone calls from an unknown number.

Deciding to call the mystery person back, Daisy was left speechless when her absent mother walked into the pub with her phone ringing in hand.

Receiving a less than friendly welcome, Christina revealed she had heard of the engagement when Dan (Rob Mallard) had tried to get in contact with some of Daisy’s old school friends.

Although her impromptu arrival didn’t go down well with Daisy or her stepmum Jenny who has been the only mother figure she’s had growing up.

Appearing on Wednesday’s instalment of Lorraine, actress Amy Robbins shared a glimpse at what fans can expect to see following her bombshell debut.

Lorraine questioned what her character is like and asked what bosses had told her beforehand.

Amy replied: “She’s a complete nightmare! She’s great, I wasn’t told much, I was told that she’s a karate expert, she’s not been a very good mum, hasn’t been around.

“She left poor little Daisy to be raised by her step-mum Jenny for reasons only known to her.

“I think she’s very hurt that her then-husband had run off with Jenny and hasn’t really been seen much of. She turns up at the occasional Christmas and sends the occasional birthday card.”

Highlighting that she now wants to have a reconnection with her daughter ahead of the big day, Lorraine commented that it might not be too straightforward.

She said: “The thing is, we just got a tantalising little glimpse of an amazing battle with Jenny, that’s going to be good isn’t it?”

Amy replied: “Yes, it is. It’s fiery, it’s very fiery because they’re both competing for their daughter’s love.

“In my case, not getting very much back, to begin with.”

Actress Charlotte Jordan spoke about Daisy’s relationship with her absent mother in the past as she told Metro the pair haven’t been close since she was young.

However, with Christina’s arrival on the cobbles, viewers will get to learn a bit more about the barmaid and her background growing up.

Charlotte explained: “It will help them understand why she is spiky sometimes and why she does put up a front because she’s had a lot of a lot of things go wrong in her life.”

Show boss Iain MacLeod shared that Christina coming to Weatherfield will provide viewers with some lightness in the run-up to the wedding.

He commented: “She also illuminates Daisy’s backstory. Daisy presents as very together and comfortable in her own skin. We discover her past is slightly sadder than that.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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