Coronation Street spoilers: Nick's ex Natasha gives him £20k for Oliver – as Gail confronts her about her feelings

NICK Tilsley’s ex Natasha donates £20,000 to Oliver’s fund – as Gail Platt confronts her about her feelings for him.

Nick was in the dark about the fact that he had a child with his former girlfriend Natasha until recently on the ITV soap. 

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Natasha was last seen on the cobbles back in 2010, before Gail sent her packing for lying about being pregnant to keep Nick interested.

But when Nick bumped into Natasha at the hospital recently while Oliver was undergoing treatment for mitochondrial disease, he discovered she had a nine-year-old son and put two and two together.

After confronting her, Natasha admitted that Sam was his son, and Nick eventually decided to meet him.

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Steve offer to fly to Germany to gain the support of the doctors there. 

Meanwhile, everyone rallies around to help Sam set up his fundraising stall in Victoria Garden.

But a suspicious Gail warns Natasha to keep her hands off Nick – much to Natasha’s horror.

Later, a journalist friend of Natasha’s named Suki tells Nick and Leanne she’d like to help them by telling their story to boost fundraising.

All is going smoothly as Leanne talks about Oliver, but when Suki asks about his impending death, Leanne flies into a rage.

Meanwhile, Natasha assures Gail that she’s not after anything from Nick and just wants to lend a helping hand to the suffering family.

Later, Natasha apologises to Nick over the situation with Suki and drops the bombshell that she’d like to donate £20,000 to Oliver’s fund. 

Meanwhile, Steve returns from Germany and tells Leanne the doctors are refusing to help Oliver.

Natasha then calls and tells Leanne she’d like to donate to Oliver’s fund.

When she puts down the phone, Leanne turns on Nick, accusing him of keeping Natasha’s donation a secret from her – and of giving up on Oliver.

Later, Nick confides in Gail that he fears Leanne is fighting a losing battle, but doesn’t feel he can tell her as it would be seen as a betrayal.

Will Nick be honest with Leanne?

And are Natasha’s motives as innocent as they seem?

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