Coronation Street fans furious as Carla Connor denied help

Coronation Street: Carla Connor fires Stephen Reid

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Carla Connor (played by Alison King) and her husband Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoigne) were worried her psychosis had returned but this time stronger. However, unknown to them it had been Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) spiking her drinks with LSD in a bid to get the power of Underworld. During the latest Coronation Street episode, viewers were furious Dr Gaddas (Christine Mackie) hadn’t taken immediate action to help Carla.

After cutting her hand on a broken mug, Peter finally convinced Carla to take a break from work and see Dr Gaddas for a professional opinion.

During their consultation, Dr Gaddas explained: “I think the next step is probably a referral to a psychiatric service.”

Peter was happy to hear she was willing to help and asked: “How long will it take to get an appointment to come through?”

Unfortunately, Dr Gaddas had bad news and explained: “Well I will mark the referral as urgent but we have a post-pandemic backlog, I am afraid we are talking months and that is just for the initial consultation.”

Annoyed at the wait time, Peter pressed: “There must be someone who can just see her sooner? I mean is there not a residential unit that can start treatment straight away?”

Dr Gaddas explained: “Yes, but because Carla does not represent an immediate danger to herself or to other people it is unlikely she would be admitted to inpatient services.

“There is a private route of course?” to which Peter looked at his wife who seemed to have zoned out of the conversation and expressed: “Price is no problem.

“I can take that money from the win I had,” but Carla was adamant she would wait for her appointment like everyone else.

“Is there anything I can do in the meantime?” she asked to which Dr Gaddas advised: “I would really recommend an extended break from work.

“And from all stressful situations if possible and I would like to put you back on your anti-psychotic medication if that is something you feel comfortable with Carla?”

Hesitating, she replied: “Yeah, of course, I just don’t want another relapse so.”

This interaction between the couple and Dr Gaddas left viewers furious as they noticed an obvious blunder that would put the mystery to an end.

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@Calwmaw fumed: “Dr Gaddas needs to be doing a blood test and urine test on Carla! Ffs! #Corrie #CoronationStreet.”

Chrissie Gittins exclaimed: “Would someone please give Carla a blood test!!! #coronationstreet.”

Jamie Harrison noted: “Surely Carla would’ve had a blood test and results to show drugs by now, and she ain’t clicked on that it’s happened every time he’s made her a drink, load of bollocks! #coronationstreet.”

@TwitchersRMad commented: “#coronationstreet Why is Peter not asking for a blood test for Carla? Then they’d know she was being drugged.”

@saffrongirl2 added: “@coronationstreet fast forwarding all the parts with Stephen in now got so ridiculous. The doctor in a normal world would have ordered blood tests this is so unrealistic and disappointing #coronationstreet #carla”

@CorrieStar55 claimed: “SOMEONE GET CARLA A BLOOD TEST NOW! She needs protecting at all costs and no one is realising it is always when Stephen is around!”

Will Carla get the help she needs in time?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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