Come Dine With Me viewers horrified by contestants baffling sex confession

Come Dine With Me viewers were left utterly disgusted by a contestant’s outrageous sex confession on the latest episode of the Channel 4 show.

As four new hopefuls took viewers inside their homes in Liverpool, dinner host Sarah welcomed her fellow cook, Chris, who stunned viewers when he shared a very intimate story about his sex life.

As the conversation turned to relationships and chat up lines, viewers were left horrified when he revealed he began eating a doner kebab while in bed with a woman.

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The carpenter said: "My favourite chat up line, if any, was 'Do you like kebabs?'

"I was with a French girl once, Giselle her name was. So we're kissing and cuddling and I planned it, I'd got a kebab beside the bed."

When asked what sort of kebab it was, he replied: "Doner."

He then continued: "I just took this kebab out of the drawer whilst we were 'cuddling' lets say."

Steph was stunned, asking: "You stopped for a kebab break?"

Chris replied: "Yes.

His story had the rest of the table in hysterics, while in a piece to camera, Chris said: "I wouldn't suggest anyone in a relationship to introduce a kebab as a third party."

Fans reacted on Twitter, with one saying they found the story unbelievable.

"A kebab break during sexy time. #ComeDineWithMe," said one viewer.

Another added: "Why would you want to sniff a custard cream says the man who stops for a kebab half way through a s**g #comedinewithme."

A third tweeted: "I didn’t believe that story for one moment."

In order to become the perfect dinner party host, each participant takes turn during the week to cook and entertain the rest. The rivals, meanwhile, snoop around the house and award points in the end.

Viewers recently paid tribute to a contestant after he passed away following his appearance on the show.

Nicholas Blything was 36 years old when he died on June 15 this year.

The cooking show paid tribute to the contestant at the end of last week's episode.

After hearing of the tragic news, viewers took to social media to pay tribute.

One fan shared: "We didn't know you but you appeared a most beautiful interesting human on the show. Our love to your family and friends"

One person posted: "I am so sorry to read the sad news of your passing. You threw yourself in 100% to Come Dine with Me and I can only imagine you lived your life that way.

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