Coleen Nolan slams Coronation as sister lay in hospital for 20 hours

Coleen slams the Coronation on Loose Women

During Monday’s Loose Women, the panel discussed whether King Charles’s Coronation was a waste of money.

Coleen Nolan wasted no time airing her thoughts as she told her co-stars two of her family members spent hours in A&E this weekend.

The panellist said she didn’t feel comfortable watching the historic event while one of her sisters lay in hospital for 20 hours.

Coleen didn’t specify which sister she was referring to, but her sibling, Linda is currently battling cancer.

She began: “Well, it’s really weird for me because I am a royalist and I’ve always loved the weddings.

“And whenever people have gone, ‘They’re a waste of time and it’s a waste of money’, and I’ve always been very much like, ‘It’s amazing and it’s history and everyone’s celebrating’.

“But actually, through the whole thing this weekend, I felt really uncomfortable I have to say.

“And that’s because of the state that we’re all in and the economy and the fact that people are struggling to eat.

“I watched it and it was fantastically done, but it was fantastic spectacle.”

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She continued: “But I sat there and thought, like, for instance this weekend very sadly, two of my relatives ended up in A&E on separate occasions, one of whom is still in still in just a cubicle because there’s still no bed and that’s 24 hours later.

“My sister who is as we know is very ill, she had to go to hospital and was in A&E for 20 hours before anyone saw before her.

“And of course, then I’m watching this spectacle go and it’s all very well saying it brought in £300million in for that sector, can we please bring that in for the NHS?

“People are dying because the NHS is broken right now.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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