Cobra Kai: Will there be a season 4 of hit Netflix series?

FANS who have stormed their way through Cobra Kai season three are already looking forward to a new season.

Luckily for viewers, a new season is in the works. We've got the lowdown on the next installation of the hit martial arts show…

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Will there be a Cobra Kai season 4?

Fans will be pleased to hear that Cobra Kai has been renewed for Season 4 ahead of Season 3's debut.

Co-creator Jon Hurwitz said: "Season 4 is fully mapped out. We have plans beyond that.

"We haven’t had firm discussions with Netflix as to when the series will end but we have expressed that if on their end there is a period of time where they’re like ‘It's about enough of this Cobra Kai business,’ to give us a heads up so that we can wrap things up appropriately.

"I think we’re going to have the right amount of runway to get it done in a way that’s going to be fulfilling for fans and leave the characters in a place that’s a fulfilling close to the story with potential for more stories down the road."

He said: "From the beginning, we’ve known where we’d like to end things in Cobra Kai. In terms of the number of seasons we’ve never had that specifically nailed down."

When will Cobra Kai season 4 coming out on Netflix?

It has not been confirmed when Season 4 will be arriving on Netflix.

But it's in the works. By the end of October 2020, the writing staff had finished penning the script after 14 weeks of work.

Season 4 is expected to begin filming in January 2021 and will go on to April 2021.

Show creator Jon Hurwitz gave some hint as to when the next season might be coming out.

He replied to a curious fan on Twitter, writing: "I don't have the answer, but would imagine Season 4 will come out roughly a year after Season 3."

So, we can expect season 4 to be hit our screens in around January 2022.

Thomas Ian Griffith who plays Terry Silver in 1989 film The Karate Kid Part III is expected to return for the series, much to the delight of fans.

How did Cobra Kai season 3 finish?

In season three, we see Daniel and Johnny team up to track down Miguel's attacker.

Daniel went to Okinawa, Mr. Miyagi's hometown, seeking guidance in a storyline which will be familiar to those who have seen Karate Kid: Part II.

Season three also featured flashbacks from Kreese's time in Vietnam, which help to explain his evil nature.

The season ends with Johnny trying to fight Kreese. He looks like he's in trouble, but Daniel ultimately saves Johnny and squares up to Kreese, beating him in battle.

Kreese agrees to putting a rest to their hostilities until the upcoming tournament.

The show ends with Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do assembled and ready to start training.

In the final moment, we see a flashback of one of Kreese’s Vietnam comrades – Terry Silver – promising him loyalty for life.

We switch back to the present-day, in which Kreese remembers his words and gives him a call to enlist his help.

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