Charlotte Dawson left in hysterics as she fights to fit into her skintight latex trousers post pregnancy

CHARLOTTE Dawson left her fans in hysterics as she struggled to squeeze into a pair of skintight latex trousers.

The 28-year-old embraced her post pregnancy body three months after giving birth to baby son Noah.

The reality star proudly showed off her mum curves in a black bra as tried on a pair of pants that she had recently ordered.

Charlotte grimaced as she tried to pull the waist of the trousers together close enough to zip it up.

The telly favourite admitted that she found the whole thing hilarious, as she gave her fans a glimpse her postpartum "jelly belly".

She wrote: "So this morning I thought it was clever to try on pants I ordered … 🤣🤣🤣🤣 got to chuffin laugh (yes that’s sick on my breastfeeding bra 🤣)."

Charlotte's fans raced to compliment the star for her body positive attitude and for being relatable to other new mums.

One fan posted: "This is still me 12 years after my first born 🤣."

Another shared: "Normalising women's bodies, you my darling are a diamond."

A third added: "That's the norm for me. You're just gorgeous Charlotte!"

This isn't the first time that Charlotte has shown off her newfound curves, the star recently won praise for "inspiring" her fans with the brilliant video as she embraced her newfound curves.

Filming the clip on Tik Tok, Charlotte danced to Rihanna's hit Work, grabbing and squeezing her stomach along with the music.

She wrote: "Embracing the post patrum partram tiger striped jelleh chuffin belleh 🙌🏽🤣."

Charlotte also stripped down to her white underwear for the candid snap on Instagram.

She captioned her smiling snap: "I am loving my chunkeh but funkeh jelleh belleh body after having my baby boyo, embracing those tiger chuffin stripes and perfect pouch.

"I might not be sexeh like these Insta models.. but this is my kinda sexeh and my Matthew loves it so that’s all that matters."

Charlotte's adorable little boy was born exactly a week before her late dad Les's birthday on February 2.

Charlotte announced that her baby son's name is Noah on what would have been her dad Les's 90th birthday.

The legendary comedian passed away from a heart attack in 1993 when his youngest daughter was just eight months old.

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