Carol Vorderman says she does 20,000 squats a year to maintain perfect bum

CAROL Vorderman has revealed she does 20,000 squats a year to maintain the perfect bum.

The 58-year-old has shared the secrets of her famous figure, which has garnered lots of attention over the years – admitting she hasn’t weighed herself since 1999.

Speaking to Lorraine about body confidence as part of the show’s Body Confidential series, she revealed “I haven’t weighed myself since 1999. I don’t actually know how much I weigh and I don’t care because I go on my dress size, thank god for lycra!

"I’m probably about a size 8 to 9 at the moment. I’ve always had a small waist, I think I’m about 25 inches around my waist. If I put on a bit of weight, I know I have, and I go up to a size 11.

"A larger size 10, that’s kind of my boundary for where I’m happy.”

The TV star also spoke about her love for hiking and walking 12- 20 miles twice a week, adding: “In terms of squats, or the equivalent of squats, I probably do over 20,000 a year… that's a lot."

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Discussing how her body has changed, particularly after the menopause, she continued: “As you go through the menopause things change.

“I had what’s called a mirena coil. I put on a stone in two weeks. It gives off hormones as well, so I had it removed and it took me a year to lose the weight. I went through this terrible hormonal depression, and I don’t use that word lightly, it really was awful.”

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