Carol Voderman accused of being too independent by ex partners

Carol Vorderman says she was accused of being ‘too independent’

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Carol Vorderman has been very open in the past about her love life and the different types of romance she’s enjoyed over the years. The former Countdown star was quizzed by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on her five boyfriends on This Morning as she explained previous partners had scolded her for being “too independent”.

Carol remarked: “I’ve always been accused of being too independent not when I was married but when I was in standard relationships.

“I am independent. Maybe what I choose doesn’t suit everyone.

“But I think a version of it would suit a lot of people and does suit a lot of people.”

Carol stressed the importance of honesty and respecting each other’s feelings when it comes to her romantic relationships. 

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Phillip remarked: “You are an independent woman, very successful, bright, know your own mind, you know what you want.”

He suggested Carol’s “special friends” know they’re getting an “independent woman”.

“Possibly,” Carol replied. “I do understand I am the extreme.”

Carol conceded her love life may not suit everyone but she’s found within her own life there are many people enjoying a variety of different relationships.

She explained the turning point in her love life was turning 50 and many of her friends agree with her alternative relationships. 

Speaking about her friends, she said: “Let’s say you get divorced or something happened would you want to live with another man, [they say] ‘Oh no.’”

Phillip quipped: “The ground rule is they have to be single,” and Carol confirmed. 

The This Morning host questioned whether her “special friends” have other “friends”.

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Carol revealed she didn’t know and wouldn’t ask as it wasn’t any of her concern. 

“What do your kids think?” Phillip asked and Carol replied: “Fine, they know them.”

Explaining why she decided to speak out, the broadcaster admitted she wanted to be a voice to those who felt silence. 

“There was such a reaction [when I spoke about it on This Morning before].

“There’s an awful lot of people out there who live like I do but are shamed by society into not talking about it.”

Carol admitted she was often asked if she wanted to meet someone and fall in love in the traditional sense. 

“Love can be a very unhappy place to be,” she quipped.

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