Carol Kirkwood admits she didn’t want to be a weather presenter

Breakfast: Carol Kirkwood asks ‘I’m really boring aren’t I?’

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Carol Kirkwood is a household name for presenting BBC Breakfast’s weather. But what might surprise fans is that despite delivering the nation’s forecast for a staggering 24 years, she didn’t set out to be a meteorologist. In a recent interview, Carol confessed her lack of knowledge about the profession as well as a degree in another subject left her thinking about other careers. But after taking a chance on an audition, she’s never looked back. 

Weather presenting wasn’t apparently a dream of Carol’s but she had ambitions to work at the BBC. 

At the age of 12, she wrote to Blue Peter and asked what she had to do to become a presenter on the popular children’s show. 

The Editor at the time, Biddy Baxter replied to her and advised her to get a degree – it didn’t matter the subject – and then contact the show again. 

Carol went on to study business at the Napier College of Commerce and Technology and after contacts the show once more, she landed a job as a secretary at the BBC. 

She then took steps in her personal life getting married but she “still had a hankering to” present on television. 

“There was a vacancy in television training… so I did that and loved it,” Carol revealed. 

But it wasn’t until she secured an audition with The Weather Channel, that her career as a weather forecaster began. 

“I didn’t want to be a weather presenter because I didn’t know about it – my degree was in business,” she said. 

“Anyway, long story short, I went along for an audition and took to it like a duck to water and I blooming well loved it.” 

Carol joined News 23 – which is now known as the BBC News channel – in 1998 and has stayed with the broadcaster ever since. 

“I loved it,” she exclaimed. “What I love about the weather is every day is different. 

“Sometimes it’s very annoying but it’s different. 

“We live in an island, the sea affects our weather and so it’s fascinating, it’s fascinating learning all about it and climate change and everything,” published. 

Throughout her career, Carol’s role has diversified, from presenting the weather on several radio stations to live forecasts as part of the BBC’s coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. 

She is, however, the main weather presenter on BBC Breakfast. 

And when the programme moved from London to MediaCityUK in Salford back in 2013, Carol stayed in the capital presenting the weather via a video link. 

Carol works Monday to Wednesday’s on BBC Breakfast alongside Dan Walker and Louise Minchin. 

But in upcoming months the presenting line-up is set to have a shake-up as Louise leaves. 

After 20 years she will not be waking up at 4am to be in the studio for 6am. 

But who will replace her? 

BBC Breakfast is off air for the Tokyo Olympic coverage. 

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