Camilla’s response to The Crown star who tried to quit Prince’s Trust

Queen Camilla 'has watched The Crown' says royal expert

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Ahead of The Crown’s highly anticipated return to Netflix, Prince Charles star Dominic West shared an interesting interaction he had with Camilla, Queen Consort. The actor revealed how his resignation from the Prince’s Trust was rejected after he was concerned about a conflict of interest. 

When The Crown returns in November it will come back with a casting shake-up which will see new actors fulfil the roles of the Royal Family. 

This includes the role of King Charles, which Dominic West has taken over from Josh O’Connor’s depiction in seasons three and four. 

However, unlike the majority of the cast, Dominic had previously had in-person interactions with Royal Family. 

He had become an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust in 2010 and raced Prince Harry to the South Pole in 2013 to raise money for the charity Walking With The Wounded.

After landing the role of King Charles, Dominic revealed he tried to resign from his duties to the Prince’s Trust in case of a perceived conflict of interests.

However, his resignation was refused in a letter from the Royal’s private secretary. 

In fact, the Queen Consort Camilla cheekily called West “Your Majesty” at a party last year, implying she had approved or at least didn’t mind, him taking the role of the King on screen.

During a recent interview, Dominic opened up about the response letter and meeting the then Prince of Wales.

He revealed: “It was, ‘You do what you like, you’re an actor. It’s nothing to do with us.’ I think that’s probably how [Charles] regards it. 

“I’ve been in a line to shake his hand a few times and it’s fascinating. 

“It’s very useful to meet the character you’re playing, obviously,” he told

Dominic’s portrayal will finally land on screens next month and fans are eager to see the depiction of the monumental era.

Season five will continue to follow the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth (played by Imelda Staunton) during the 1990s which was arguably one of the most turbulent decades. 

During this time, the British public began to raise doubts and question the Royal Family’s place in society. 

After season four showed the couple clashing, the upcoming instalment will also see the very public divorce between King Charles and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki). 

It will also depict her tragic death which took place after a disastrous car crash in France in 1997, as well as the outpouring of love from the public. 

Dominic will star alongside Jonathan Pryce who will play Prince Phillip and Lesley Manville will portray Princess Margaret. 

Jonny Lee Miller has been cast as Prime Minister John Major and Olivia Williams will depict Camilla. 

Season five will also be the first time the young Prince William (Rufus Kampa) and Prince Harry (Teddy Hawley) will appear in the series.

Fans can also expect to see Princess Diana’s boyfriend Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla) and his businessman father, Mohammed Al-Fayed (Salim Daw). 

The Crown season five will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, November 9.

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