Boots Christmas advert 2019: Watch the full Boots Christmas advert here

Christmas has begun for boots customers with the health and beauty store releasing their Christmas advert exclusively online today (Friday, November 7). This year, Boots is launching special boutiques known as ‘Bootique’s’ online and in-store, hoping to end the stress of present buying and make sure there everyone will receive the perfect gift this Christmas.

Boots is the latest store to release their Christmas 2019 advert hoping to get high-street shoppers into the Christmas spirit.

This year, Boots is hoping to entice Christmas shoppers with special Boots Bootiques.

The Boots Boutique will help customers overcome the struggles of finding the perfect gift for their loved ones who are almost impossible to buy for.

The 90-second advert features gifts for vegans, cooks, makeup lovers, dancers and many more personalities.

To come up with the advert, Boots conducted research which found that more than a third of shoppers are worried about choosing the right gift.

The advert begins in a traditional village hall, with people voicing their frustrations around present buying.

After listening to a married couple bicker over Christmas gifts, a man then breaks out in panic.

He stands up and screams: “Why is gifting so problematic?”

Breaking the third wall, married man Neil jokes: “Bit much…but it is hard to gift for people these days.”

The doors of the village hall then burst open and a series of scenarios play out with people questing what to buy their loved ones.

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A personal trainer asks: “The person who gets up every Sunday at 6am to be yelled at by people like me“ as a man carries her on his back through the forrest.

The next scene sees a woman filming ASMR videos and popping bubble wrap. She asks: “Or the person who lies awake watching people like me doing weird stuff like this.”

A beauty blogger adds: “Or the 8 million followers who get why I’m contouring with a kitchen utensil” as a young girl paints make up on her face.

The advert then jumps to a busy scene on a bus which mentions “a turkey loving vegan” and features a dancing schoolboy.

The same man from the village hall then cries out in desperation: “If only somebody could put lots of little shops into one big shop so I could buy the perfect gift for all the ridiculously hard to buy for people in my life.”

The advert then ends with showing off ‘bootiques’ that will appeal to everybody.

From vegans to teenagers, to those who love sleeping, beauty and exercising, Boots hopes to have something for everyone this Christmas.

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The tagline for the advert reads: “#GiftLikeYouGetThem.”

Marketing Director for Boots UK and Ireland, Helen Normoyle said: “This Christmas we want to help the nation feel good, with a fun look at the very real challenge of finding that perfect gift.

“People’s ever-changing passions and interests can make it tough to buy for them at Christmas.

“We have used that challenge as a source of creative inspiration to help customers easily shop from the amazing range of gifts Boots have to offer, across our gifting, beauty, health and wellness ranges.“

The Boots 2019 Christmas Advert will premiere on TV on Saturday, November 9

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