Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik sparks uproar with Jeopardy return

Alex Trebek thanked by Jeopardy! winner Burt Thakur

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Jeopardy!’s return has once again sparked a heated debate amongst fans regarding the show’s two new presenters, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings. TV personality Alex Trebek presented the hit game show for nearly four decades until his death in 2021, and some fans weren’t happy when The Big Bang Theory star was announced as one of two hosts.

Fans have been left disappointed with the announcement of Bialik’s return to Jeopardy! in February.

The sitcom star is set to take over from Jennings on February 20 for the 39th season.

Jennings has been hosting the show since September but has been sharing hosting duties with Bialik since Trebek’s unexpected death.

He also appears as a Chaser in the US version of The Chase on ABC.

She’ll be kicking off her next stint with a High School Reunion Tournament, which will run for 14 episodes from February 20 to March 9.

Unfortunately, Bialik’s impending return has been met with disapproval from some die-hard Jeopardy! fans.

Several viewers have even threatened to stop tuning in until Jennings returns to the podium.

On the show’s official Facebook post, Jeanne Pauly commented: “Love Ken Jennings as Jeopardy!’s host… will stop watching when the ‘actress’ returns.”

“She is awful… distracting, annoying, impressed with herself. While Jennings is a gentleman… so much better!!”

Len Snipe added: “Keep her on the Jeopardy! spin-offs. I don’t watch them anyways.

“Ken Jennings is the GOAT. When host duties change I won’t watch again until Ken returns.”

Sandra Scantling exclaimed: “Can’t believe she’s replacing Ken soon! I will DEFINITELY not watch!”

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“I love Jeopardy! but she’s so annoying and distracting with that theatrical smile. Ken is invisible in his seamless presentation.

“To me, he’s the closest thing to having Alex back! What’s wrong with these producers? If it ain’t broke, guys!!?”

Over on Twitter, @BonBonDaggles said: “Please don’t be true… Why do the Jeopardy! execs blatantly ignore the majority of fans?

“The ratings drop. Twitter speaks up. Not many like Mayim. What are they doing?”

However, @WritingCrows defended the presenter, tweeting: “Watching Celebrity Jeopardy! and I don’t get the hate for Mayim Bialik. She does a great job.

“And she does an AMAZING job at keeping a straight face when they miss some painfully easy questions.”

And @specialestk said: “I watched like one-two eps of Celebrity Jeopardy! plus the last two episodes and I love it.

“Everyone gets to talk to one another and Mayim Bialik had so much fun she was cackling.”

Despite Bialik proving divisive, Jeopardy! has still stood as one of the USA’s biggest game shows for over 50 years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Jeopardy! airs weekdays at 7pm on KABC-TV in the USA and is available to stream on Pluto TV in the UK.

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