Ben Shephard tells off Tipping Point player after suffering major coin drop fail

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Ben Shephard was left rolling his eyes at a Tipping Point player's trigger-happy attitude as he was forced to tell him off for the awkward gaffe.

Player Lee definitely let his counter slip too early, leaving it to ride on top of a group of other counters.

"You stuffed that right up!" Ben told Lee.

But it's easy to judge when your finger isn't on the buzzer, as Lee insisted: "I watch this at home and tell people not to do that!"

Ben asked him: "Do you watch it and get really irritated when people make that mistake?"

Lee responded in the affirmative – but was left even more red-faced as he buzzed in too quick to answer a question.

The correct answer was 'the sun', but Lee had no idea what the tail end of the question was going to be.

Ben told him: "You've used all three counters very quickly and there's nothing in the bank!"

He said Lee's only chance would be to try and secure the counters in the penalty pot – but Lee was caught out by other players before he could, and left after the first round.

And Lee's eagerness on the buzzer left Ben to make a stark warning to another player, as he asked if she wanted to pass or play.

"Or you can mess another one right up!", suggesting she pass her counter to Lee.

Viewers were left cringing along with him, with one taking to Twitter to write: "Lee's having an absolute mare of a game."

Another winced: "Lee's first drop was a rider!"

Someone else commented: "I hope Lee had a wonderful seven and a half minutes."

Others were sorry to see him go, with one writing: "I wanted Lee to win!"

But he wasn't leaving without causing a bit of a stir, and treated Ben to a cheeky wink before he bid him and his fellow contestants farewell.

"That was quite the sultry wink from Lee to Ben there," someone pointed out.

Another laughed: "That wink from Lee at the end!"

Peter was the next to go, leaving Madeline and Jay to battle it out in the final head-to-head.

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