Ben Shephard pays touching tribute to Kate Garraway

Ben Shephard says Kate Garraway is 'bonkers as ever'

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Ben Shephard and his Good Morning Britain co-star Kate Garraway have been close friends for more than two decades. The broadcasters met back in 2000 and first started sharing the sofa on GMTV in 2004. Ben described Kate as “incredible” as he paid tribute to her during a candid interview on Loose Women. 

Ben joined Kelly Holmes, Judi Love, Jane Moore and Kaye Adams on the ITV talk show where he was asked about his bond with Kate. 

Jane began: “Obviously your best mate Kate, she’s very humble and I just wanted to ask you, because we only really see her doing the news, how is she?”

Ben replied: “She’s great, I mean she is as brilliantly bonkers as ever. 

“I mean there is something incredible [about her] as you all know because you have all met her. 

“There is something incredibly special about Kate, she’s the most incisive, brilliant broadcaster. 

“She is just whip-smart when it comes to anything to do with work.” 

He continued: “And yes she can’t organise her way out of a paper bag. 

“Honestly, she makes me look organised which if you ask my wife is something incredibly impressive.”

The Tipping Point host carried on gushing over Kate, telling the Loose Women panel he “adores” her and “loves working with her”.

He added: “I am very lucky to work with some incredible women that are brilliant at their job and they certainly make me better at my job – and [Kate’s] one of them.” 

The audience burst into applause following Ben’s moving comments about the women in the industry he works alongside. 

Kate has been through an extremely difficult few years after her husband Derek Draper contracted Covid in 2020 and fell seriously ill. 

The virus has caused major damage to Derek’s lungs and heart and he needs round-the-clock care from a nursing team and Kate. 

She recently shared with Good Morning Britain viewers her thoughts about disgraced former Health Secretary Matt Hancock being in this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, adding: “You see revelations of personality and things coming out – you see that as a campmate and as a viewer, which is fantastic. 

“The challenge is, you’re going to see him laughing and being human and being the personable person that I’m sure he is to his family and friends, and that feels uncomfortable, I think, for so many people when there’s still so much unanswered, actually.”

“Seeing him in there with the inquiries and investigations still going on – I think the only thing he can do to help those people is to, at some point, show he has a real sense of the pain. 

“At the moment, what we’ve seen is not that, because it’s not that context.”

Earlier this year, Kate said Derek had been in and out of medical care for several weeks due to a severe case of sepsis.

She was missing from last Friday’s installment of Good Morning Britain, with some viewers wondering if she needed to care for her husband, or whether she just had the day off. 

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays from 6am on ITV. 

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