Behind Her Eyes on Netflix ending explained

BEHIND Her Eyes is Netflix's new miniseries that has set social media ablaze.

Viewers have sped through the series and have been left totally stunned by the ending of the show. Here's what happened in the thriller…

What happens in Behind Her Eyes?

Stop reading now if you don't want spoilers!

Netflix's six-part miniseries follows the story of Louise, a single mother who works in a psychiatrist's office.

She embarks on an affair with her new boss, David, played by Vanity Fair's Tom Bateman, but without him knowing she strikes up a friendship with David's wife Adele.

A trail of secrets ensues, including spousal abuse, addiction, lies, and trauma.

But the thriller genre of the series soon shifts to the supernatural.

It transpires that Adele is able to astral project her soul out of her body – and has therefore been keeping an eye on her husband's antics without anybody knowing.

But viewers soon learn that Adele is in fact Rob – a friend from her stint in rehab and who she taught how to astral project.

Rob (Robert Aramayo) then used Adele's gift to swap bodies with her after he himself fell in love with David – before killing Adele while she was in Rob's body.

Meanwhile Louise has also learnt how to astral project and uses it to try to save 'Adele' – aka Rob – when she/he tries to commit suicide in a burning building.

As this point Rob swaps bodies again and leaves Louise to die in Adele's body in the fire.

The shocking ending sees David getting ready to play happy families with 'Louise' but is actually Rob trapped in her body.

What have fans said about it?

One shocked viewer wrote on Twitter: "Mind blown with #BehindHerEyes That was weird and terrifying.

"I don't know what to feel with the ending…"

Another added: "#BehindHerEyes an ending that will leave you wondering WTF?"

"Omg! The ending is just maddd #BehindHerEyes," commented a third.

One added: "I still can’t get over this magical plot twist ending in #BehindHerEyes that was not expected at all!!"

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