Beat The Chasers fans accuse Paul Sinha of ‘not pressing buzzer’ as player loses

Beat The Chasers was hit with controversy on Wednesday night as fans accused Paul Sinha of not abiding by the show rules.

Contestant Gordon lost out on some serious cash with just one second remaining during the latest edition of the ITV quiz show, leaving fans gutted.

The player took on Paul, Jenny Ryan and Shaun Wallace in a bid to win a whooping £10,000, but things didn't go to plan and Gordon went home empty-handed.

In the tense head-to-head quick fire round, host Bradley Walsh asked: "Anne Elliot is the heroine of which Jane Austin novel?"

The Sinnerman correctly answered: "Persuasion" but viewers were convinced The Chase star didn't press his buzzer.

When the Chaser normally presses their buzzer their name is sounded and they get to answer the question.

However, viewers at home have rushed to their keyboards to point out that they didn't see Paul press his buzzer or hear his name being read out before he answered the offending question.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "@ITVChase OK…. so Paul never actually pressed the buzzer for the Anne Elliot question he answered."

Another added: "@paulsinha Might be wrong and was still a fantastic performance but didn't you just answer without pressing the buzzer? Or was it a production error. Poor chap with 1s to go at the end."

"Did Paul just cheat on Beat The Chasers by not pressing his buzzer? That guy was put out with one second on the clock," a third viewer pointed out.

A fourth fan quipped: "Ive just rewound and watched again- PAUL DEFFO DID NOT PRESS HIS BUZZER, the announcer never said his name- but she did in all the other chaser presses."

While a fifth social media user wrote: "Paul answered the question without hitting his buzzer?!? Feel bad for Gordon."

A sixth person ranted: "Paul never hit the buzzer for one of his answers. I’d deffo be asking for some cash! Especially because he lost by 1 second!"

Daily Star Online has contacted ITV for comment.

It comes after Beat The Chasers viewers thought they witnessed Jenny Ryan punch co-star Paul in the arm during the show on Tuesday night.

Having to answer questions as quickly as possible, Paul answered one that didn't appear to be meant for him and got it wrong.

Fans quickly noticed The Vixen's frustrated reaction, which Paul said was justified, before many believed she nudged him in the arm.

Paul has since revealed that there was "nothing" in it and laughed it off.

Beat The Chasers continues on ITV on Thursday at 9pm

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