Ant Middleton’s mum dies of cancer aged 62 only a few weeks after being diagnosed – The Sun

ANT Middleton has revealed that his mum has died suddenly of cancer aged just 62.

The former soldier, 39, shared that his mum died two days ago after she was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago.

Ant is best known for hosting the Channel 4 series SAS: Who Dares Wins and its celebrity sister version.

In 2018, he climbed Everest for his show Extreme Everest With Ant Middleton and has since revealed he thought he was going to die during the expedition.

Ant joined the army at 17 and later spent four years serving as a point man and sniper for the SBS.

Last month the dad-of-five revealed he forced his crying daughter into a freezing open air swimming pool to teach her “mental resilience”.

Ant was holidaying with his five kids when he grabbed Priseis, three, and dunked her straight into the chilly water.

The ex-SAS sniper said other parents were horrified but insists it was the right thing to do.

He said: “I was on holiday and the swimming pool was absolutely freezing.

“My 10-year-old son and three-year-old daughter ran past and I grabbed hold of their legs.

“They knew the pool was really, really cold and my three-year-old daughter started crying.

“She didn’t want to go in. So I grabbed her, put her in the water and held her there.”

Ant insisted Priseis “absolutely loved it” once she was in but he admitted other parents were gobsmacked.

Speaking on Rachel Botsman’s Trust Issues podcast, he said: “You should have seen some of the parents’ faces.

“As soon as they saw my daughter crying, they were like, ‘Surely he is going to let her go?’

“But I grab her and put her in the water. She kicks off and goes mad and then all of a sudden she calms down and jumps on her brother’s back. I then slipped off out the pool and they were playing in there for hours.”

Ant believes this kind of parenting will stop his brood from being “terrified” of the world.

He said: “That’s just a prime example of how people are now not teaching mental resilience or any type of resilience to their children.

“It’s always safe [with other parents] and every move [the kids] do, they’re terrified.”

Earlier last month Middleton backtracked after admitting he’d given “dangerous” advice on his social media when saying he was “not affected” by coronavirus and it didn’t bother him.

After intense criticism, he took to Instagram to stress he was only talking about himself and that everyone should “follow common sense”.

Ant is chief instructor on Channel Four’s hit show SAS: Who Dares Wins.

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