Amy Schumer Parodies the Mueller Testimony with Her Infant Son

Many Americans were glued to their television to watch former special counsel Robert Mueller testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees about his report.

The serious nature of the testimony took over most network stations as the grueling coverage lasted for what seemed to be hours on end. Most Americans white-knuckled their way through the tedious testimony as the end result appeared to produce no resolution.

But while the hearings took on a somber tone, comedian and new mom Amy Schumer found a way to at least bring some light (and a giggle) to the event. She and her husband Chris Fischer decided to “re-enact” the testimony, along with their infant son Gene. Schumer posted the “testimony” of whether Gene is a true athlete and did he recall brunch to her Instagram story.

Did you attend brunch, sir?

Schumer holds her infant son who is rocking an orange t-shirt with a baseball glove, soccer ball, and a football. Baby Gene squirms in his mother’s arms, clearly blissed out after a meal.

A man, likely Fischer, is heard “grilling” the child in a serious tone. “Do you recall on the morning of July the 24th, beginning your meal, here entitled, ‘brunch’ and only finishing half of your meal before abandoning the formula that your family provided for you,” he questions. Meanwhile, Schumer is trying hard to avoid completely cracking up.

Then Schumer takes the line of questioning in a new direction. “Sir, is it true, you love sports, evidenced by your t-shirt,” she says. “But you can’t even walk?”

But is he an honest athlete?

Schumer and Fischer decide to then take the line of questioning to address their son’s integrity as an athlete. “Do you fashion yourself as an honest athlete,” Fischer questions Gene as Schumer smells her son’s head.

“Have you been doping,” Schumer hilariously asks her son. “And in performance-enhancing techniques,” Fischer adds. “Such as…” Schumer cuts in, “Milk.” Fischer says, “Baths.” Schumer then loses it and starts to laugh.

Gene is already having fun with mom

This isn’t the first time Schumer and her son have shared a comedic moment. When her Netflix special Amy Schumer Growing was nominated for an Emmy, she and Gene took to Instagram.

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A post shared by @ amyschumer on

“We are very proud of being EMMY nominated for our @netflixisajoke special #GROWING as we were both on stage during filming! “Very proud and excited,” she wrote. “Thank you everyone who voted and to my husband who wants me to never stop talking.” The photo she shared features Gene enjoying a bottle and raising his fist into the air.

He is also already an activist like his mom. Schumer shared a photo on Instagram of the adorable infant smiling in his sleep. “Here is our son Gene. He likes looking around and laughing at his toy the black and white butterfly. Always down for a nap and a good cry if the poops are on the reg he wanted me to tell you guys he wants you to volunteer or donate here.” 

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