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ALTHOUGH the nation remains on lockdown, there are still a number of ways to keep yourself entertained – including discovering both old and new TV shows and movies. 

This month, Amazon Prime ensures there's never a dull moment, with a string of impressive releases which is sure to keep boredom at bay.

James Bond

Fans who were looking forward to catching the new James Bond flick, No Time To Die this month, may take consolation in knowing every single Bond flick before Daniel Craig's era is now available on Amazon Prime.

This comes after it was announced that as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the release of the new instalment will have to be rescheduled to November 12 in the UK.

Relive the adventures of MI6 agent James Bond and the five actors who have portrayed him prior to Craig.

One cannot forget the string of Bond girls who have been at the character's side over the years including Barbara Bach and Halle Berry.


Sylvester Stallone plays US army veteran, John Rambo in the action packed franchise.

Although traumatised by his experiences in the Vietnam war, he uses skills he acquired to fight societal wrongs including corrupt officials and drug cartels.

There are five films in the franchise so prepare to be at the edge of your seat with every twist and turn.

The Lighthouse

This is for lovers of psychological horror dramas.

Set in the 19th century, two lighthouse keepers begin to lose their sanity when a storm renders them stranded on the remote island of their lighthouse.

The black and white film stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson.

Themes of alcoholism, psychoanalysis, mythology and homoeroticism are explored.


Bosch tells the story of a detective working with the Los Angeles Police Department who is accused of the murder of a serial killer.

While fighting to clear his name, he also investigates the murder of a young boy.

The series has five seasons so far and stars Titus Welliver as detective Harry Bosch.

Paranormal Activity

Demons, ghost and unknown entities haunt terrified families in this supernatural horror franchise.

The film is noted for its use of security cameras and footage to tell its story much like the Blair Witch Project.

Prepare to be confronted with items which move on its own, demons in need of bodies to possess and territorial entities who do not like their spaces disturbed.


City music loving teenager Ren MacCormack's life changes when he moves from Boston to a small town where rock music and dancing is prohibited by a reverend and the town's local councilman.

This is in response to a car accident which killed five teenagers after a night out.

Ren goes on a mission to change the rules of the town but also sees romance when he falls in love with the reverend's daughter.

The feel good musical drama stars Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer and has been labelled a classic by fans.

New releases on Amazon Prime in April 2020

Here is a full list of new releases to expect in 2020

  • The Current War
  • Hustlers
  • Tales From the Loop
  • 21 Bridges
  • Aeronuts
  • Angel Has Fallen
  • Blinded by Light
  • Professor and the Madman
  • Blow the Man Down
  • Future Man (season 3)
  • Outlander (Season 5)
  • Star Trek:Picard
  • Making the Cut

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