90 Day Fiance fans take aim at Paola Mayfield for her latest thirsty bikini photo

By now, 90 Day Fiance fans are used to seeing star Paola Mayfield’s posts on Instagram. The mom-of-one doesn’t shy away from the camera and isn’t afraid to show off her body.

Recently, however, fans have taken notice of Paola’s tendency to post thirsty pics that also contain her son Axel within view, and some are calling her out.

Fans question if Paola’s pics are ‘normal’

Taking to Reddit, a follower posted a screenshot of Paola’s Instagram stories. In the shot, Paola’s bare torso can be seen with a pair of bright blue bikini bottoms. Her son, 22-month-old Axel, can be seen looking in her direction from the other side of the couch.

The Reddit user asked, “Maybe I’m old-fashioned but is this a normal photo to post of you playing with your kid?”

It didn’t take long for other fans to join in with their opinions on the picture.

“Is she trying to evoke a sexual response in men who are also looking at her infant son?” asked one user.

“I feel like I got placed on some kind of watchlist just by clicking on this post. This really feels wrong,” wrote another.

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“If you wanna be a thot model online fine, but damn take him outta the pic b***h,” said another comment.

Paola is focused on her fitness, and changing her hair color

Since giving birth to baby Axel in January of 2019, Paola has been on a mission to get into shape. With the support of her husband, Russ Mayfield, Paola has been regularly uploading content to her various social media channels, including Instagram and YouTube.

The Brazilian bombshell has posted several before-and-after shots of herself along the way and has garnered praise from her fans.

“girl you started from 10 and went to 100,” wrote one comment.

“you look great in both pics. Whatever makes you happy,” said another follower.

In addition to her fitness transformation, Paola has also recently changed up her hair with a bold cut to match her newfound confidence.

Although she’s well known for her long locks, Paola stunned followers by debuting a new platinum-blonde bob cut.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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