What Skin Condition Does BTS Member, V, Have?

BTS is one of the biggest boy bands in the world. Together, they’ve sold out stadiums worldwide, won the Billboard Music Award for “Top Social Artist,” and recorded with musicians like Halsey and Charli XCX. Still, being an idol comes with its challenges. Over social media, V, told fans about his “itchy” skin condition. Learn more about it, here.

Kim Tae-Hyung, also known as V, has a skin condition

V is known as the eccentric, creative, and stylish member of BTS. He’s one of the fan favorites of the group and together with BTS, he’s on a worldwide tour, making stops in the United States, Japan, and even Saudi Arabia. But it’s not always fun and laughs for this K-Pop Idol.

One fan posted a picture of V reaching for his stomach, writing “even his tickling [himself] is pure.” According to Soompi, the BTS member responded in a comment, saying, “no, I have a cholinergic allergy. I’m itchy, itchy.” This condition is more commonly known as cholinergic urticaria.

What is cholinergic urticaria?

According to WebMD, Cholinergic Urticaria is a skin condition that brings out hives, resulting from increased body temperature. It is however, a fairly common condition; the hives last for about 30 minutes to an hour before disappearing. The condition can be agitated due to a variety of factors, including taking hot showers, exercising, and eating hot foods. Even emotional stress might bring out hives or uncomfortable rashes. Some fans pointed out that the condition might be worsened from hot stage lights and wearing tight clothing.

Though this skin condition is considered relatively mild, although according to Smoopi, “in severe cases, the hives may cause a stinging sensation in addition to itching. The condition may also cause abdominal pain, dizziness, or difficulty breathing.” There are medicines, however, that help alleviate the symptoms.

BTS fans on Twitter expressed their concern for Kim Taehyung

Once the fans heard about Taehyung’s skin condition, they raced to Twitter, expressing their love for the BTS member. One Twitter user said, “six years later there are still so many things about him [that] I know nothing about huh fascinating and sad. So sad.”

“I used to have cholinergic urticaria it drove me crazy,” said another Twitter user. “How does Tae handle it with all the dancing and their hectic schedule???”

A few fans noticed that this skin condition might influence what V does as a performer. He often wears loose clothes and drinks a lot of water onstage, in addition to sometimes not wearing shoes.

“So, Taehyung has cholinergic urticaria, so that explains why he doesn’t wear tight clothes and I always noticed him drinking lots of water in stages/concerts after every performance because heat rises in body after that now I understood oh, my poor baby I want to take his every pain,” said one Twitter user.

BTS’ film, entitled Bring the Soul: The Movie premieres on Augusts 7, 2019.

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