Rebel Wilson claims male co-star asked her to ‘put her finger up his bum’

Rebel Wilson revealed alarming details of horrific experiences of sexual harassment during her time spent in the film industry.

The 40-year-old film star explained that there had been two frightening encounters while working in Hollywood.

Speaking out as part of the #MeToo movement, Rebel didn't hold back on the detail as she explained in great detail what she'd been through.

Addressing one particular instance, she candidly told Ant Middleton that one male co-star had asked her to "put a finger up his a**e while others waited with cameras to film it.

On the up and coming episode of Straight Talking she disclosed to Ant what life is really like in the movie world and that she'd been a victim twice in her lifetime.

She said. "One was with a director in a hotel room, but nothing happened because, his wife called abusing him saying he was trying to sleep with me."

Recalling the second instance, Rebel said to Ant that "another male co-star who asked me to put my finger up his a**e."

Delving into further detail, the Pitch Perfect actress felt intimidated as friends of the male college were lurking around with their phones hoping to capture the moment.

She explained it was at that moment that "he pulled down his pants" and the star immediately felt "entrapped in a room".

After leaving the room, Rebel made no hesitation is getting straight on the phone to her agent to report the incident.

Between them they both made an official complaint to the studio.

In spite of the situation, Rebel remained defiant that she wouldn't let it get her down and decided to carry on with the job.

However, on reflection, the Bridesmaids star feels that in this day and age she probably would have done things differently and would have stepped down.

She added: "But I'm such a professional that I was like, well I'm still going to continue with the job. Which now I might not have."

Before confessing: "Things that happened to me aren’t that severe, but I’m still scared of naming the people."

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