Pvris – ‘I’d rather risk alienating people than phone it in’

PVRIS performs My House live at Reading and Leeds in 2019

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Pvris are currently smashing through the UK’s biggest venues on what is their first British tour since 2019. The band arrive at their largest venue – London’s Hammersmith Apollo – this Thursday (after it was changed last-minute from Brixton Academy) in what promises to be their most powerful UK show since 2017. And they’ve got a lot of time to make up for.

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Pvris released their third studio album at the height of the pandemic in August 2020, and have been relatively silent ever since. At the tail end of last year, they released two singles – ANIMAL and ANYWHERE BUT HERE – in preparation for their upcoming tour, but fans have been waiting a long time to see Pvris once again. And as a result, surely not everyone will be happy about their setlist, right?

Wrong. “There’s a really good balance of old and new [songs] altogether,” Pvris star Lyndsey Gunnulfsen told Express.co.uk from her home in LA. “There’s going to be quite a few songs from every album, and anybody who’s a fan of any record, in particular, will have a couple songs from those albums. There’s a little bit of something for everybody.”

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Lyndsey and bassist Brian MacDonald can’t let anything put a dampener on their tour; they’ve been working hard to ensure this tour is perfect. And it’s easy to see why they might be anxious about returning to the UK, as in 2020 illness and fatigue almost led the band to cancel the tour for their second album. They pushed through, but Lyndsey needed to recover.

“Since then,” Lyndsey went on, with a distinct smile on her breath. “My voice has very much recovered and it’s really strong now. And, confidently, I feel that’s been built back up as well. I’m really excited. And I’ve learned to channel my anxiety into excitement, and being on stage is much more comfortable now. And I hope that it’s going to be a much different experience.”

This time out for Lyndsey also allowed the band to begin working on their upcoming fourth album, which until now has been shrouded in secrecy. 

As of yet, no concrete details have been revealed by the band, but she assured me they have been hard at work on the record. And, with a sigh of relief, Lyndsey announced: “The album has just been wrapped up.” She cautiously continued: “Everything has been fully tracked, recorded… now everything is just going into mixing and mastering.”

Lyndsey couldn’t give any specifics on when Pvris fans could expect the new album, but she did hint that, “tentatively”, it could be here as soon as “summer 2023”.

Even more excited, she added: “I’m very happy with it! I’ve definitely been really strict with trying to one-up each song on it, but I definitely feel proud of it, and I’m excited about it.”

She also went on to tease: “It’s definitely led me to be excited for whatever comes next – and I think that’ll probably come sooner or later.”

However, when Pvris release new music, they will invariably split their fanbase. Their three albums thus far have already been vastly different to one another, so it’s only natural that some longtime fans might fall by the wayside when a new sound emerges. Needless to say, this is something the band worries about as time goes on. “I think I battle with that a lot,” Lyndsey admitted. “And then I have to talk myself out of that and really not think about that. Because if I’m not excited about what I’m making it’s not going to translate outwards – I’d rather not do it!”

After a pensive beat, she insisted: “I would rather take the risk and alienate people than phone something in that I think other people would want.” She paused. “Go all or nothing you know?” After realising how serious she had become all of a sudden, Lyndsey chuckled. “I’d be willing to lose it all for the art!”

Finally, the singer wanted to give Pvris fans a message: “We love them, we love coming to the UK and we cannot wait to be there and play for everybody. And we hope everyone has a great time, stay safe and we’ll see you again soon.”

I couldn’t put it better than that.

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