Noel Gallagher Debuts New Song Demo

The former Oasis member has given his loyal fans a special treat on New Year’s Eve as he drops a new song demo titled ‘We’re Gonna Get There in the End’.

AceShowbizNoel Gallagher has released his demo of “We’re Gonna Get There in the End”.

The former Oasis star took to Twitter this week (end03Jan21) to share with his fans that he’s been “writing and noodling recently.”

And Noel explained he decided to release the track on New Year’s Eve (31Dec20) because “the lyrics are quite apt for the times” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Firstly let me wish everyone a Happy New Year. Things can only get better from here!! (saying that, they couldn’t get much worse could they?!),” he wrote. “Anyway I’ve been writing and noodling recently and I’ve made a little demo of a tune that I wrote a couple of weeks ago and it actually came out sounding pretty good.”

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“The lyrics are quite apt for the times and I think I’d like to share it with you. The song is called We’re Gonna Get There In The End. Hope your hangovers aren’t too horrific. Hopefully we’ll catch up soon. PS. IT’S ONLY A DEMO. ONWARDS. NG.”

On the uplifting tune, Noel sings, “Remember the dream that you’re keeping alive / Remember your love for the loved outside / Don’t fight the feeling / Don’t stop believing in what you know/ ‘Cause you can’t let go my friend / We’re gonna get there in the end.”

Last year, Noel vented his frustrations at fans who showed up at his concerts and demanded Oasis’ songs. “The new stuff that I am doing they f**king hate it. Which makes me want to do it more,” the British musician said.

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