Mick Fleetwood Rejects Possibility of Lindsey Buckingham Reunion

The Fleetwood Mac founder admits in new interview that he has accepted the fact that his band won’t ‘end up back in a good place’ with former members, and that the end is ‘in sight.’

AceShowbizMick Fleetwood has slammed the door shut on a Lindsey Buckingham reunion, insisting it’s unlikely the band will ever welcome him back.

The singer and guitarist was sacked last year (18), following a spat with his former lover Stevie Nicks, and although he believes there will come a day when the band will get back together, founder Fleetwood insists that’s not on the cards.

“I don’t think there will be a point where the band’s former members all end up back in a good place together,” the rocker told The Sun.

“If you’d asked me that years ago, I would have said so, being the old dreamer that I tend to be, but now I just accept things how they are, and try to be civil and open.”

Mick also accepts the end is “in sight” for his band, dismissing reports suggesting Fleetwood Mac only regroup for the money.

“This is simply what we do, it’s a huge privilege,” he explains, “and it isn’t really any more complicated than that.”

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