MAFS UKs Jenna hits out at Thomas apology after joke about dead dad

Married At First Sight UK star Jenna Robinson has taken to social media following Thomas Hartley's apology for his recent comments.

The Liverpudlian, 31, appeared to make a "joke" about Jenna's late dad who died during the coronavirus pandemic during an appearance on the What's Happenin' podcast – sparking outrage.

Since the comments, Thomas has issued an apology and admits he takes "full responsibility" for his behaviour while adding that he regrets what he said.

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In a grovelling apology, Thomas said: "I was out of order massively. I will live eternally with regret."

Now, Jenna, 32, has broken her silence and slammed her former co-star for not showing "an ounce of remorse or respect".

She said: "Thank you to those of you who have reached out to check in on me. It really means a lot.

"Honestly I'm struggling a little with what I've heard. And although for them it's a laughable joke at my expense, I'm now having to deal with the aftermath of my family potentially hearing what I've heard and I'm trying my best to prevent that from happening.

"As for the so-called public 'apology' it's yet another stab in the back. Not an ounce of remorse or respect and just to add I've had no personal apology either."

Thomas has previously explained that he had expressed his wishes for the episode of the podcast to be removed from streaming services.

He said: "It wasn't right and I did ask for it to be removed and it wasn't.

"I take full responsibility and honestly completely regret the situation and what I said. I am honestly so sorry for any pain caused to anyone… There's no excuse. I was out of order massively. I will live eternally with regret."

The podcast in question is reportedly said to be focused on dark comedy, something which Thomas believes went over the line.

He explained: "I think it's important to start by saying this podcast is about dark comedy and it's safe to say after the reaction from people, death threats, accusations and the bandwagoning, it's safe to say I've had some very dark thoughts.

"I have already apologised, but the damage is done and for those personally affected by the podcast, I am extremely sorry.

"The lines between comedy and insensitivity were massively blurred. I was genuinely too comfortable and said the completely wrong thing."

Thomas has since taken a step back from social media.


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