Lisa Appleton Sex Doctor: ‘Girlfriend wants festive foursome but I’m not keen’

Lisa Appleton is back to share her tips and tricks to help ensure Daily Star readers don't have nookie nightmares or hanky-panky horrors.

The Big Brother beauty, 52, who recently took part in a Daily Star Facebook Live session, where she gave her views on the latest news, is feeling excited about the new year, but has urged everyone to continue to stay safe.

After enjoying a fun-filled Christmas, Lisa is back to help one reader whose partner is set on a foursome.

'My girlfriend wants a racy foursome but I'm not keen'

Dear Lisa,

After a very weird year, my girlfriend wants to start the new year with a bang – quite literally.

She has suggested that we do something really 'out there' and have a racy foursome with a couple, who we have been friends with for years

I'm happy that she feels confident enough to talk to me about her sexual fantasies, as I know this is a problem for some couples, but I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about it. The two friends she's suggested – I'll call them Darren and Hannah for the sake of this – are great friends, who we've socialised with since the beginning of our relationships seven years ago.

They're very sexually adventurous and have often tried to encourage us to swing with them but it's never been something I've been particularly interested in.

I want to make her happy and I know she'd really like this as a belated Christmas present, but I'm worried about the repercussions it could have on our relationship.

She's told me it will only make things stronger – but I'm not convinced. What's more, I'm worried about potential health ramifications as I know we should be social distancing at the moment.

What should I do Lisa?



Lisa says:

I think it's great that you've got a strong friendship with that couple and it's great that your girlfriend feels comfortable enough to open up to you about what she wants.

However, the bigger picture is, it's very difficult with the times we're living in with bubbles and tiers and mixing in each other's households and it's not really advisable.

If you do go on the government website, just double-check what each tier means and how it could affect things.

Number two, you're not keen on actually having a foursome anyway because it's not something that you're interested in and you're worried about repercussions.

It's something that once you do it, you might not feel the same, your friendship with this other couple also may not be the same – it's very risky.

So if in doubt, do nowt.

Be careful of the restrictions and tiers and just tell your girlfriend that while you're happy she felt able to open up, it's not something you're comfortable with.

I'd compromise with some Zoom party fun, where you can all have that connection and perhaps play spin the bottle virtually.

That way you're protecting yourselves and there are no real repercussions from that.

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