Lady C says Diana made ‘fatal mistake’ with Harry and William amid ongoing feud

Royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell has claimed that Princess Diana made a “fatal mistake” when she chose to raise Prince Harry and Prince William equally.

The two brothers' relationship has supposedly deteriorated over recent years, with Harry himself admitting they were on "different paths" in his now-infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

And now, Lady C has claimed this might be partly the result of their mum treating them equally as children.

Harry and William were only 12 and 15 respectively when the Princess of Wales was tragically killed in a traffic collision in 1997.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Lady C reflected on the role the brothers’ upbringing has played in influencing their current alleged conflict.

“Harry was deliberately brought up by Diana to regard himself as an equal in every way to William,” she suggested. “Even though they both knew that William would be King and Harry would not be King.

“She did this to level the playing field; It was a fatal mistake to make.

“You do not, when one child is going to become King, pretend that the other child who is never going to become King, is entitled and equal to everything as the other who is destined to be King."

The royal commentator did acknowledge that the late Princess made this decision out of a positive, maternal instinct, noting: “Yes, I think she did it out of good motives, but what an error to commit.

“She set up the situation for Harry.”

With winter approaching, royal fans are waiting expectantly to see if the Duke of Sussex will return to the UK with his wife Meghan Markle to celebrate Christmas with the Royal Family.

The couple have not visited Buckingham Palace together since the birth of they stepped back as senior royals and moved to the US last year. They confirmed that they would not be making the trip across the pond to attend an event honouring Diana this month.

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