Kim Kardashian accused of having six toes in snaps taken from birthday trip

Kim Kardashian has found herself at the centre of controversy this week after shamelessly bragging about her luxury 40th birthday trip to Marlon Brando's private island in Tahiti.

The SKIMS mogul, who is married to rapper Kanye West, was lambasted by social media users worldwide for her "tone deaf" online posts about the trip amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

And now Kim has been called out once more over her holiday snaps – but this time for a very different reason.

Fans have accused Kim of having six toes in some of the photos that have been shared online.

It comes after the mum of four was forced to confirm she had five toes in a bizarre video last month.

While Kim completely shut down the strange rumours previously, it didn't stop social networkers from getting in a heated online debate over whether she has an extra digit on her feet.

The debate was sparked by a photo of the reality star wearing flip-flops.

In a picture, which was uploaded to her Instagram account, Kim can be seen walking down an outdoor path with her best friend LaLa Anthony, 39.

The social media influencer was wearing a pair of black and grey flip-flops in the photo, which fans said showed she had an extra toe.

Many of the comments left by social media users on the photo, saw people trying to garner whether other people had noticed the faux toe.

One social networker remarked: "Certainly looks like 6 toes to me. So, she's polydactyl; who cares?"

While another user questioned why anyone would "care" if she happened to be a "polydactyl".

A Kim K fan jumped to her defence and said: "the one thing [they] will defend kim k on" is her "wide feet that make it look like she has six toes".

Addressing the crazy theory once before in September, called the theory "extra wild".

"Everyone thinks that I have six toes, and it's really wild," she then proved she only had five toes by counting them out.

She added: "'But it's this, part of my foot, that when I wear a shoe just like this it like smashes down right here and in a picture,

"I don't know why, it looks like a sixth toe."

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