Kate Ferdinand ‘nervous’ to expose her bruised body after traumatic birth

Kate Ferdinand has opened up that she had felt "nervous" exposing her totally bruised body after the traumatic birth of her son.

Since giving birth to baby Cree, she admitted in a former social media post that she hadn't been able to do the things she would have likes to as a new mum.

The 29-year-old spoke candid again recently confessing that she hadn't managed to get herself dressed "in 2021" and is happily still donning her pyjamas after needing constant rest following her emergency c-section.

Only last week the former TOWIE star braved a photo showcasing her entirely black and blue body, in a bid to help others going through similar notions.

Wanting to provide further update, she took to Instagram this morning to let her adoring fans know exactly how she and Cree are doing.

Kate penned: "2021 update so far. Showering and fresh PJs are still happening."

She then went on to explain that she had felt "nervous" about revealing her body in the raw picture last week.

The reality star added: "I was overwhelmed by all of your comments on my recent picture.

"Sometimes social media can be such a negative place but since sharing this post it has been so positive for me. I was nervous about sharing my reality but so glad I did.

"So many of you have had similar experiences and share the same feelings and emotions.

"It is nice to know we are not alone. Thank you for all of your comments. I have read them all."

Football legend Rio Ferdinand's wife had followers worried last week after she had previously said she "felt all types of guilt" for not being able to do everything she wanted for baby Cree.

In her frank admission, she explained that she had needed to rely on the support of the entire family, for tasks such as changing a nappy.

It was such a relief for Kate to be finally standing and holding her baby after suffering such pain following the frightening birth.

Captioning the image, she explained: "I've felt like I can’t do what I’m meant to be doing with Cree as I haven't been able to change or feed him consistently which has had me feeling all types of guilt, for Cree, Rio and that I can't be doing what I normally do for the kids."

Kate is also step-mum to Rio's children, 14-year-old Lorenz, 12-year-old Tate, and nine-year-old Tia, who he shares with late wife Rebecca.

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