K Pop singer Lee Jihan dies aged 24 in tragic Halloween stampede

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    K Pop singer Lee Jihan has died aged 24 after the Halloween stampede in Seoul, South Korea.

    The star first found fame on the Korean reality show Produce 101 and was among the 154 people who died in the crowd crush.

    Acting agencies 935 Entertainment and 9ato Entertainment have since confirmed the K Pop artist's death.

    They shared: "It’s true that Lee Ji-han passed away due to the accident in Itaewon on October 29."

    "We also hoped that it wasn’t true, and we were very shocked to hear the news. The family is suffering immense grief right now, so we are being very cautious. May he rest in peace."

    Over 100,000 people had gathered in Seoul's nightlife district when the crush happened.

    Visitors and locals had all come together to celebrate Halloween when the tragedy took place.

    154 people have died from in incident and another 132 other people have been injured.

    Plus, 37 of those injured are said to be currently in a serious condition.

    The country's Prime Minister, Han Duck-soo, will be doing a "thorough investigation" to look further into the cause of the deaths.

    The Prime Minister has promised to "make necessary institutional changes" to ensure an accident such as this is not repeated.

    Lee shot to stardom after appearing as a talented contestant on the Korean reality talent programme titled Produce 101.

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