Jodie Whittaker left bruised and hurt by Doctor Who stunts ahead latest series

Jodie Whittaker was left battered and bruised while filming the new series of Doctor Who.

The actress did a string of stunts for her final outing on the show – and certainly paid for it.

Jodie said: "Stunts-wise there is lots of action in this series, but rather than jumping through crates it feels like a lot of falling through space.

"We started at energy of 100 and then after two days I was bruised and hurt and realised that this is why there are stunt doubles, as I am pathetic."

Her most dangerous stunts involved being suspended into the air on wires.

Jodie added: "You do a lot of flips as if you’re falling through space and have to spin yourself backwards in a rotation and make sure you don’t get tangled.

"It’s all wonderful as you don’t think at the time that you’ll be able to do it."

Jodie was also fearless when it came to learning new skills.

She said: "I also do sword fighting in this, or maybe it is best described as avoiding being got by a sword. I really loved that."

Jodie agreed to do the risky scenes because she wanted to go all-out for her final series.

She said: "It’s bigger and better than ever, it’s my final full series, there’ll be questions asked, there’ll be answers, there’ll be exclamation marks… and huge exclamation marks," she added.

Speaking about her departure from the popular BBC show, the actress said she is sad to be leaving however she realises that the show now requires "new energy".

Talking openly to Digital Spy and other associated press, Jodie said: "Even thinking about it, it makes me upset, but this show needs new energy. The Doctor, the joy of this part is you hand on your boots.

The actress also expressed that she knew she was only probably going to do three series. She added: "We've been very present in it, but you have to honour the show and honour everything.

"There was this thing of like, 'We want to do three seasons'. But no one holds you to that. So there was always a conversation [in terms of how long to stay]. It was always fluid.

Doctor Who returns to screens next Sunday on BBC One.

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