Giovanni Pernice ‘open to dating’ as Rose Ayling-Ellis ‘falls in love easily’

Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Giovanni Pernice is “open to dating all types” as his 2021 co-star Rose Ayling-Ellis “falls in love easily”, says celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman.

Analysing the star signs for the winning pair, who lifted the Glitterball trophy together last year, Inbaal explains that while Rose is a typical Scorpio, Giovanni’s Virgo status is thrown into disarray.

The pair proved plenty compatible as a dancing duo last year, winning over the nation’s hearts after an array of show-stopping performances.

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The pair even paid an emotional tribute to Rose’s deafness as they danced together in complete silence, and scooped plenty of TV awards for their partnership.

But what do their zodiac signs say about the pair? Inbaal had all the goss.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she predicted that, under the normal circumstances, a friendship between Rose and Gio would "soon collapse".

"Under ordinary circumstances, a regular Virgo and a regular Scorpio won't be a great match," Inbaal said.

"Virgo is open whereas Scorpio likes secrets. Virgo is formal and Scorpio more edgy. Virgo enjoys hard work but Scorpio likes the easy life.

"Any friendship they'd strike up will soon collapse due to their profound differences."

But all hope is not lost, as Inbaal promised: "However, Giovanni's and Rose's astrological charts reveal them to be much more than just their Sun signs."

In her full analysis, Inbaal revealed that Giovanni has his moon in Pisces – which is an "incredibly romantic" placement.

Instead of making decisions with his head like a typical Virgo, Giovanni is ruled by his heart instead.

Inbaal explained: "Pisces and Virgo are actually opposite signs, which means they're exactly across the Zodiac wheel from one another.

"When Sun and Moon signs are in opposition, this creates a feeling of indecisiveness and confusion, so it's hard for him to decide what he really wants to do."

Mars – his "planet of passion" – is in dual sign Gemini, Inbaal said.

"This tells us that Giovanni doesn't find fidelity to be easy, and is open to dating all types.

"The combination of his Sun-Moon opposition, signifying indecision, and then his Mars in Gemini, signifying sexual experimentation, means that he is very much led by his desires. Unlike a standard Virgo."

Rose, however, is "super typical" for her sign – Scorpio.

Inbaal said that Scorpios are "sensual beings", who can "tell how others feel" and "love to feel other people near them".

She said: "Scorpios are quite magnetic, and people can't help but fall in love with them.

"Even though we don't know Rose's time of birth which means we can't figure out her ascendant, or rising sign, we have enough information to know for sure that she's not only got her Sun in Scorpio.

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Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto are also in Scorpio in her zodiacal chart – the planets of communication, love and generosity.

In simple terms, Inbaal said: "This means that she falls in love easily and fully, and is comfortable giving herself over fully to a partner."

Though both Giovanni and Rose are single, Inbaal says they are "fairly compatible" for a "powerful, explosive relationship" if the pair fancied it.

However, she warned: "Perhaps they can't offer each other a lifetime's worth of love."

Inbaal concluded: "Giovanni's Venus, planet of love, is in Leo, which is a dominant sign. Rose's Mars, planet of passion, happens to be in Leo, too.

"This means that in their dynamic, Giovanni is in charge of the heart connection , and Rose would be in control of their desires."


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